Post 2017.05.29 18:49

Pasc Research- looking for active players new bros welcome

We are looking for new players.

If you want to mine we can help you. I mine all the time and can help you build your assets by mining.
If you want to salvage we can help you. I salvage a lot and know how to do this efficiently.
If you want to build stuff we can help you. I build all the ships I fly, and I sell ships for profit.

We build some of the best ships in this game and make good isk from it.
We have the skillbooks you need and will provide them for free. We know how to build stuff.. Tech 1, Tech 2, Tech 3 and will show you how to do the same. We have access to the hard to find materials needed for this type of construction.

We love this game and enjoy the people we meet in it.

We can show you how to explore.
We can introduce you to PvP and PvE
We know what ships you need to fly
We can help you.

Come and join us,recruiting channel PASC recruiting

Sid Knee
Kal Hoss

corp offers:
-Ore buy back
- loot buy back
-data and relic buy back
-planetary buy back
-ship and fittings back buy up to battleships
-discounts on corp manufactured items
-orca support
-no sp min
-alts welcome
-new bros welcome
-corp Citadel and Complex
market hub/manufacturing/R&D/Reprocessing with low tax
-high sec
-low sec
-mission runner bonus
-low sec mining ops
-high sec mining ops
- low tax poco for PI

Alliance offers:

-high sec Amarr space and Gallente high sec island
-low sec
-mining ops
-mission ops
-pvp roaming
-orca boost
-freighter service

buy backs
-all ship up to battleship
-all PI
-all Ore
-all loot
-all fittings
-all salvage

alliance ship replacement program