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House Mijaala [H-MIJ] Caldari Faction Warfare PVP

House Mijaala is a newbro-friendly PVP corp that fights for the Caldari Militia in faction warfare space. We are purely PVP focused, but we don't mind if you do PVE on your own time. We have roughly 20 active members and we are looking to expand. Our members are currently encouraged to fly T1/T2 frigates, T1 destroyers, and T1 cruisers. As we grow, we will expand our flight capability, but for now we are at cruiser-class vessels and below.

What we can offer you:

-Free T1 frigates and fits to learn the game
-Free doctrine fits for fleet work
-Veteran members that will help you improve your solo and gang work
-Training fleets
-Loyalty Point exchange program (we buy your LPs so you don't have to go to Jita)
-FCs with years of faction warfare experience
-Opportunities for large fleet actions with our allies around the warzone
-Professionally-hosted Teamspeak3 server and web community
-Access to citadels in the warzone

Membership requirements:

-Teamspeak 3 and microphone
-Willingness to live in Faction Warfare lowsec
-Basic Caldari ship skills and missile skills (as a baseline to supplement your own ship interests)
-If you're a non-Caldari Alpha Clone, there may be some other requirements to get you in shape
-Adjusted in-game overview settings (we will provide a template if necessary)
-Active participation in fleets and gangs
-Willingness to learn important solo PVP skills
-Sign up on our forum; always read your EVE Mails

(House Mijaala is a branch of the Ghosts of the Revolution online gaming community)

Web site: (secret word: Summer)
In-game Channel: HMIJ Lounge
Omegas and Alphas accepted! Come join the fight!