[-RUDE] Zorya want you !

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[-RUDE] Zorya want you !

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Do you like living HARD? Do you like PvP to be REWARDING? Then you might be the right fit for Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly [-RUDE]!

We are the top-performing PvP Corporation of Kybernauts Clade and live in Pochven, also known as Space Hell, where the harsh environment forces us to stay sharp and keep the ISK fountain flowing to fund our PvP.

-RUDE is where fun comes first! Our Alliance holds fleets daily and we as a Corp form everything from simple roams, to Nanogangs and OBS-Fleets.

  • OBS-Fleets with a PvP-Focus
  • Daily content Fleets from our Alliance
  • High-End Nanogangs into Pochven or anywhere in New-Eden
  • A fun and target rich environment
  • SRP on Alliance Fleets
  • A PvP-Focused mindset
  • Being able to push more buttons then F1
  • Have a mouth you can speak with (and preferably a microphone)
  • Some sense of humour
  • A base-line of 10 million SP into Combat skills
  • Willingness to train into Doctrines
Zkill: Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly. | Corporation | zKillboard
Discord: Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly

We are mainly an EUTZ corporation !

My DM are open in Discord (<teran.feynoir>) if you have any questions :)
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