[S0B] [D0GS.] GRiMM HounDs NullSec PvP Corp

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[S0B] [D0GS.] GRiMM HounDs NullSec PvP Corp

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-☜★☞- GRIMM HOUNDS -☜★☞
-= Null Sec PvP corp =-

We are situated in Geminate, and offer fast exits to The Forge and surrounding lowsec. GriMM provides a wide range of pvp and pve opportunities with plenty of activities for its members. We are currently looking for PvP focused SP players with a knack for everything small gang to FC-led skirmishes. We accept returning bros and enjoy getting you up to date. We offer Good people, good pilots and good laughs. Apply today or contact us for more information.

Requirements: (all not required but must be able to train quickly))
  • Able to fly T2 Cruiser Hulls
  • Willing to fly/Train into T3 and Blop’s
  • A good attitude!
  • Preferably have a dread alt trained or willing to train one.
  • Active participation, though we are about RL first.
  • Must want to PvP regardless of what else you like to do.
  • Can work with a team.
  • F18+ Corp, No Drama!
What we offer:
  • Daily PvP ops/engagements
  • Heavy activity in USTZ but moderately active in the others TZ’s
  • Sov Space for Ratting/Mining/Indy/PI
  • Competitive Buy Back program
  • SRP for Alliance and corp fleet ops
  • A great community for bad jokes, good memes and a place to spend your time!
Join GRIMM PUBLIC in game or join our Discord:
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