No Vacancies - C5/C5 PVP wormholers

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No Vacancies - C5/C5 PVP wormholers

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From time to time people message me asking about whether No Vacancies, my main's corp, is recruiting and the answer is... Yes, selectively. We are a large corp and we're not trying to be the biggest corp in terms of size, but instead we're trying to be the best that we can be in terms of our activity (namely, PVP). It should come as no shock then that we are a hardcore PVP corp and it is expected that you will put PVP before any other content in the game (e.g. krabbing, abyssals, mining, etc). If you're as bloodthirsty as we are, you love the wormhole life, and you meet the minimum requirements; consider reaching out to us on Discord. Either myself or one of the other recruiters would love to have a chat with you.

Founded in 2014, we have a rich history in wormhole space and have recently moved back to our old home in C5 space to get access to content from capital brawls against wormhole corps, to nano gang roams and black ops drops in nullsec. We’re here to find and engage in PvP content wherever we find it in a community that puts people first. We have a good mix of EU and USTZ, but recruit into all timezones.

We’re currently looking for experienced and like-minded PvP-focused pilots who are interested in being part of our journey. Being a wormhole veteran isn’t a necessity but you should at least know the basics of wormhole life.

Minimum Requirements
Useful second account (At least a scanner/interdictor, ideally a doctrine capable character)

Command Ship IV (Ideally V) character that can fly a Nighthawk and Damnation

Interested? Hop into our in-game public channel “No Vacancies” or join our Discord and speak to a recruiter.

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