Sheriff - Lowsec PVP Corp. Small Gang Excellence Since 2012

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Sheriff - Lowsec PVP Corp. Small Gang Excellence Since 2012

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Good afternoon Eve Uni.

I recently had success with an Eve Uni Graduate, Clevin Reinaps. And that prompted me to post a recruitment post here. I've also fought some of you roaming through my part of space and was always impressed.


Sheriff is a US TZ PVP corp fighting for the Caldari Militia who are hell bent on being a great small gang pvp pilots

Ideal pilots we're looking for
  • * Prefers micro gang pvp content where both your skills and voice matter with the people you fly with.
    * Bored Nullsecers tired of structure grinds and blob warfare
    * Wormholers who want more casual pvp content
    * Anyone who enjoys small gang setups of 3-10 pilots.
    * Has some combat experience. Doesn't need to be great but just have some experience with PVP.
What You Get:
  • * We live and breathe Micro Gang PVP. This has always been our sweet spot over the years from previous corps I FCed for.
    * Accessible PVP Content: We live on the frontline systems so pvp is only 0-2 jumps away.
    * Active Discord. We're active 4-5 nights a week from. Even other corps will join us when their corp isn't' active.
    * My top pilots are competent and always happy to help less experienced pilots rather its taking you out or giving you fitting ideas.

If you need further convincing - 6 Minute Video of some gag reels and powerpoint presentation :)

Requirements and How To Apply

Google App Form
Our discord


Yours truly,

Deen Wispa

Sheriff. [SHERFF]
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