Walmart Greeters - USTZ nullsec corp

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Walmart Greeters - USTZ nullsec corp

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Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers!

Walmart Greeters is a Nullsec corporation operating in the USTZ as part of the Flying Dangerous alliance. The grammar of our alliance name is perfectly correct in American english.

If you're a Newbro or returning vet or some freakish hybrid, what you'll find is a relaxed community where you can take part in all the opportunities SOV Null offers.

We offer a social discord and Mumble. Our coalition calls fleets on a regular basis, offering a variety of fleet doctrines. PvP opportunities are frequent in our space, from solo and small gang up through giant TiDi shi..., umm, "fun"fests.

In terms of PvE, our alliance has a well-established industrial infrastructure. We offer reprocessing, manufacturing, research and reactions in our industry hub.

We have weekly moon pops, including R64. We offer a buyback program on all reprocessed moon goo, and many other harvested resources. Low tax POCO's for lucrative PI.

Join us on discord ( ... 1514352680)
or our in-game chat "Walmart Greeters"

Corporation applications open as well.
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