Bookmark Barn is Recruiting a Scout

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Bookmark Barn is Recruiting a Scout

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The Bookmark Barn is currently recruiting for a scout. We are a small commercial collective that builds and sells bookmarks to capsuleers. We are not an eve-corporation, so you would not need to leave UNI to come and do some work with us.

Our scouts work to build and update our bookmark collections. To do this they travel widely throughout k-space, including remote and hostile nullsec regions, and spend time in systems warping, burning, and maneuvering (and avoiding death-by-hostiles) to build the best possible bookmark locations for our clients.

The position is available, initially, for 3-months, with the possibility of continued work after that.

For detailed requirements, and to discuss the role further, please come along to our discord headquarters and speak with either An Leabharlannai or myself. I will help as best I can, but likely also refer you on to An for any details or administrative requirements.

Our discord HQ is at

Once there just DM either An or, if I am online, me and let us know you are interested in the role. We will provide you with site privileges that let you explore deeper into the work, and to access the full position requirements.
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