Universalis Imperium is Recruiting: Nullsec Corp - All Time Zones!

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Universalis Imperium is Recruiting: Nullsec Corp - All Time Zones!

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UVIM is Looking for new members eager to learn how to operate in sov null! Become a member to learn about life in 0.0 space, as well as all aspects of PvP as well as PvE in the area!

Who are we? Universalis Imperium is a 0.0 multifaceted corporation specializing in both PvP and Industry. Founded in 2004 by Squall Derringer, we are now led by his close friend Angus Truman and are a close-knit corporation eager to grow as we move into our new home. Our members come from around the world, and every part of our corporation is guided by a willingness to have new experiences. In return, we can offer a generous corp with friends that will stick with you as you move through your time in eve.

We are part of The Bastion, an alliance that is a member of the Imperium. We were those folks burning down Esoteria while TEST & Friends invaded our homelands. If that type of guerilla insurgency interests you, we have plenty more!

Would you like a tight-knit corporation with mature, experienced, and kind members?
Are you looking for your next big adventure after E-UNI?

Then come join Universalis Imperium for your next adventure, and experience the freedom of Null Sec.

For more information, reach out to Angus Truman through discord @ Angus#6954

See you in Space!
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