Nexus Federation: Industry, Mining and PvE. Looking for pilots and corporations!

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Nexus Federation: Industry, Mining and PvE. Looking for pilots and corporations!

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Nexus Federation has opened its doors to recruitment and are providing opportunities to pilots with similar interests.

Our focus is building a welcoming and friendly community which will support and enhance the experience of its members. To accomplish this we provide training, incentives and promote knowledge sharing. We aim to make sure each member succeeds in reaching their own personal goals while also benefiting from taking part in group activities.

We have a mature and relaxed environment and are looking for pilots who will fit in to our alliance and form new friendships. We have places for veterans and newer pilots so regardless of your level you can feel welcome in our community.

As an alliance we have an ambitious long term vision and much to achieve so join now and take the opportunity to help build an empire!

Nexus Federation is based in the Deklein region.

  • Experienced leadership
  • Lucrative Null sec space
  • Rich environment for learning
  • No CTAs. Real life comes first
  • A place to call home
  • Tatara for refining
  • Sotiyo for production
  • Azbel for researching and invention
  • Build supply chain network
  • Blueprint library (work in progress)
  • Mining boosts
  • Regular mining fleets
  • Moon mining (R64)
  • Buy back program for your raw materials
  • Guristas ratting
  • Planetary Interaction (47 planets within 1 jump of home system)
  • Exploration
  • Freighter services to get your assets to where you need them

We are open to corporations who share our vision and playstyle to open negotiations to join our alliance.

  • Activity
  • Team player
  • Discord (with voice)
  • EU Timezone

CEO & Recruitment - Kael Zatek (Discord: Kael Zatek#0206)

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