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Serendipity's End: wormholes evolving (and cookies!)

PITYS: Submarine warfare...because submarines!!! Shut the front door, what else do you need.

We are a group of experienced wormholers trying something new. The corp is run by players who have been around for a long time, and have expertise in what matters: PVP, intel gathering, industry, mining, management and most importantly, having fun as a group whether we're setting someone on fire, or on the other end of that equation. New members always welcome. We are currently based in a C2(HS-C4), hopefully moving on to a different set-up once we've laid the groundwork and are ready. We can support all activities from PVP to site running to industry/research to mining, and actively encourage everyone to be as involved as possible. "You think we're trapped in here with you? You're trapped in here with us!". Success in wormholes is a communal effort.

We live in wormholes because it's where the fun is, and we're not so interested in the capital blobbery that can be nullsec. Also, local scares us. Sure, there's money to be made in wormholes, but it's the pervasive silence and surviving by your wits that what makes it like nothing else New Eden has to offer. Be aware and be safe...well, safer anyway maybe. Be careless and yeah, that Hard Knocks fleet that dropped on you running sites and blew up all your stuff? You had that coming now, didn't you. Bob abhors a vacuum.

We're currently interested in motivated EU and US TZ pilots, and are actively working to make the experience as rewarding as possible for younger pilots. If you're a more experienced pilot looking for something a bit more laid back, you'll find other veteran players who made this corp for that very reason. Our only requirements for the moment are some basic scanning skills, and your main account being Omega status as it's not productive to do what we do without the ability to cloak. We can teach you the rest.

These are early days, but please feel free to chat with us in our public channel and see if we fit with how you're looking to play EVE. If applying, please use the brief application form below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Public channeL: "PITYS PUBLIC" (without quotes)
Apply to Corp: Application

Recruiting contacts: Anton Skylark, Halo Phase, Niss Tymbrimi

"Do not walk behind me, as I may not lead. Do not walk in front of me, as I may not follow. Don't walk beside me either. In fact, pretty much just leave me alone."
Niss Tymbrimi (Proud E-UNI Alumni, former WHC Manager, spread the word of Bob with ADHC)