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Sell or Reprocess?

Posted: 2021.03.17 09:08
by Emil Sanni
All the stuff that clutter up the hangar after looting missionings. What to do with it? Some modules are priced ok or even interesting to put on a ship, but much of this stuff seems to be just worthless. So if I would reprocess it; what skills are involved (I checked the text about reprocessing and that seems to be just about astroids/minerals not breaking up modules)? And would i get a better yield in one of the UNI:s player owned structures?

Re: Sell or Reprocess?

Posted: 2021.03.17 10:04
by Ernesto Guevarti
It's hidden away in the middle of Reprocessing#Scrapmetal_Processing
basically it's just the Scrapmetal Processing skill, and does not benefit from any structure bonuses towards refining, so I believe the max yield is 55%.

Re: Sell or Reprocess?

Posted: 2021.03.17 11:54
by Emil Sanni
Thx, I read it three times and still obviously didn´t understand 🤦‍♂️

Re: Sell or Reprocess?

Posted: 2021.03.17 15:57
by Arin Mara
An excellent question! :)

After a long day of Salvaging, doing Missions and Exploring I transfer my items to the High Security Campus in Amygnon, the Seat of University, and go bother the ever vigilant Buyback Officers by making a Contract. The Officers will then buy the items from you and give you a lump sum of ISK. :)

The High Security Campus Buyback is unique because:
* it has a 5% tax rate, the lowest Buyback tax among all the Campuses
* uses the Contract rather then the Sheet system

The Contract system has one down side: you have to split the group's profits yourself. However, that's nothing compared to the upsides:
* daily rather then weekly payout (with "thank you" and "please" you can even make them pay out within an hour :P)
* no fiddling with email addresses
* no registration
* no waiting to be approved
* no fearing you will be removed from the system due to inactivity

I don't suggest reprocessing Modules even with the most advanced skills.

If you'd like to know more, please, do ask :) If the Forum is a bit too slow to answer your questions, try a Discord channel :)

Re: Sell or Reprocess?

Posted: 2021.03.17 17:49
by Ernesto Guevarti
Arin Mara wrote: 2021.03.17 15:57<snip, lots of good stuff>
I don't suggest reprocessing Modules even with the most advanced skills.
I'd disagree with this (to an extent), as there is a lot of drops that are almost completely worthless to sell (especially to buy orders, even in trade hubs) and would be worth far more converted to minerals even at 55%, but it really depends how you value your time (as you have to work out what to get reprocessed vs sell to buy-back).

(For most people it's just not worth the effort, but I expect at the scale that buy-back operates it probably is worth doing before shifting everything to the market, and there are tools that will help with the calculation).

Re: Sell or Reprocess?

Posted: 2021.03.18 17:50
by Arin Mara
Ernesto is absolutely correct! :)

I stated a rule of thumb, a suggestion that works for me about 98% of the time. The only time when reprocessing was worth it for me was when I failed to imbibe the Skill Accelerators: they reprocess into fuel :)

Re: Sell or Reprocess?

Posted: 2021.05.20 16:27
by Kad3n
I suggest selling it all to buy orders as the reprocessing is @ 55% and that is after you trained the scrap metal reprocessing skill. The amount you would need to make it worthwhile, I believe you are better off just liquidating it. The people that set up these buy orders are purchasing them in the thousands and the prices reflect the current mineral reprocessing value.

The way the meta module market works is that a large portion of them are going to be melted down. It works similar to gold and currency market where if the currency prices tanks then gold goes up and vice versa. The same applies to meta mod's and mineral/ore prices. So if there is a supply disruption you are going to see meta mod's go up in price as people will start to melt them down to avoid paying @ the new higher price point.

If you are a mission runner (as your focus) I think specializing farther into skills that helps you complete missions will make you profitable in the long run then investing in reprocessing skills. CCP has already nerfed the crap out of scrap metal reprocessing skills and so you are at a disadvantage when trying to compete with the miners. Just make sure you have your accounting skills trained to lvl 4 or 5.