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What should I do with my Science jobs?

PostPosted: 2020.01.06 14:28
by Finzel
Hello all,

I have an alt in AMY with nine Science job slots. I don't have the skills to do invention yet, but I have Metallurgy IV, Research IV, and Science V. I'm looking for recommendations for what to research/copy while training for invention. I would like to either help the Uni somehow or make ISK (or both!). Is there ME/TE research that needs to be done near HSC? Copies that need to be made? I've heard about buying NPC cruiser BPOs and doing ME/TE research for profit. Is that still a thing?


Re: What should I do with my Science jobs?

PostPosted: 2020.01.06 23:52
by Falling Snow KumaMoto
There are many opinions on this. While you search for your favorite niche (and get those Skill Points up), I recommend getting ammo and drone BPOs for yourself and researching them up. It is very difficult to make isk building T1 ship hulls, especially in high security space. With the ammo BPOs, get yourself familiar with which ammo types invent into which T2 ammo types. Once you can invent, it's useful to know how to make Null versus Void, etc.

There are always blueprints in Amygnon-Karpinski that could use some ME/TE research if you're in the mood to make a "donation" of your science slots and industry fees. Open industry tab, change it to Blueprints->owned by corporation, and make sure it's in Amy-Karpinski. You will see a huge list of them, and there are many that could use some research.