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Low tax trading at Jita 4-4

PostPosted: 2019.08.04 09:01
by Guiliano Thellere
With the latest of CCP's mid-life crisis effecting trading fees and seeing all the talk across a number of campuses about how to lower these the following is a list of things that can be done to lower trading taxes and fees as much as possible, regardless of any in game "chaos" changes. There are two ways players can change the natural fees they pay in game, through both standings and skills. Please note, standings results may vary if following this plan, depending on different steps taken, any steps missed, starting standings and skills etc. This is also not a great plan for a main you like good standings across all factions with as focussing your efforts on two factions specifically has obvious derived consequences. In fact this is realistically only a decent plan for your Jita alt.


Faction and corporation standings relevant to both Caldari (Faction) and Caldari Navy (Corporation) will have an effect on your broker fee when trading in Jita 4-4. Faction standings contribute 1/3 more than corp standings. Note that the unmodified standing is used for the calculation. The exact formula is:

BrokerFee % = 5%-(0.3%*BrokerRelationsLevel)-(0.03%*FactionStanding)-(0.02%*CorpStanding)

With no skills or standing the broker fee is 5%. With 10 faction and corp standing, the broker fee is reduced to 4.5%. With broker relations V and perfect standing the fee is further reduced to 3%. N.B. This is the calculation used prior to any in game "chaos changes".

In order to change this calculation through your standings to both Caldari and Caldari Navy;

    1. Train Social to V. This gives you a 5% bonus to all the following gains.

    2. Train Diplomacy to V. You'll need it as parts of this will rapidly drop your Gallente and Minmatar standing.


    3. Purchase necessary Amarr and Caldari COSMOS items. (a shopping list for each can be found here and here

    4. Complete all 15 Amarr tutorial agents (each race has three schools with the same five agents at each), followed by the Amarr Faction Data Center in full (this includes all circle agents, plus final mission as well as handing all relevant tags in). If you're starting fresh, you will have to return to complete higher level agents as your Amarr standing progresses from step 2.

    5. Complete Amarr Cosmos in full. In Kenobanala you'll have a choice of five agents for one particular stage. Be sure to select Nuo Tuotura - he is a Caldari Navy agent, and he awards 13.14% standing for Caldari Navy.

    6. Don't be silly!

    7. Grind Amarr L4 missions until your Caldari State standing hits 7.00 (the max it can get from derived standings.)

    8. Complete all 15 Caldari tutorial agents (each race has three schools with the same five agents at each), followed by the Caldari Faction Data Center in full (this includes all circle agents, plus final mission as well as handing all relevant tags in). By this point your standings will be good enough to complete all data center turn-ins.

    9. Complete Caldari Cosmos in full - you'll pick up a decent amount of Caldari Navy standings in the process.

    10. Complete the Caldari agents at the Gallente and Minmatar COSMOS sites. It's two or three agents per site and the missions are fairly straightforward. By this time you'll be around -5.00 with both factions, so be sure you've trained Diplomacy V before this step. Note also that you'll take a minor gallente standings hit for shooting "FON" ships in some of the missions.

    11. Complete the Caldari Epic Arc. Lengthy, but you pick up some navy standings, and State at the end. This can be repeated once every three months, so it's a long term way to eventually max out your standings.

    12. Grind Caldari Navy L4 missions until your Caldari Navy and State standing are as high as you want them

By this point you should have some very high Caldari State standings, in the 9.25-9.5 range, as well as Caldari Navy in the mid 7s. Your Minmatar and Gallente standings will both be below 0 and not great if you spend time at HSC, or anywhere Minmatar or Gallente space on that character - remember with a faction standing of -5.00 or lower you will be attacked by Faction Police upon entering their space.

Overhead Reduction skills

    Accounting (3x, 5M ISK) - reduces the transaction tax rate by 11% per level from 5% to 2.25% at level 5.
    Broker Relations (2x, 125k ISK) – reduces the broker fee collected on market orders in NPC stations by subtracting a flat 0.3% per level from 5% to 3.5% at level 5. This fee will also be affected by standings as set out above

Re: Getting low Jita fees

PostPosted: 2019.08.05 02:01
by Falling Snow KumaMoto
This is awesome information, thanks!

2 Additional things: Broker Relations skill and Accounting skill. Both of those skills substantially reduce the broker's fees and the sales tax that you have to pay (most of the time) when trading.

Re: Low tax trading at Jita 4-4

PostPosted: 2019.08.05 16:16
by Guiliano Thellere
Edit: Updated to include skills (Don't be bad, max out your trade skills - everyone needs 305 order slots :wink: )

Re: Low tax trading at Jita 4-4

PostPosted: 2019.08.07 07:50
by Edswifa Rova
Thanks for the write up.

Can I assume this would be similar if I wanted to fix my Amarr Hub trading alt?

Re: Low tax trading at Jita 4-4

PostPosted: 2019.08.07 11:46
by Guiliano Thellere
Yes it can be. For an Amarr focussed trader you can flip the plan around so run Caldari stuff early on and get your Amarr derived standings up to 7.00 and then move on to Amarr things. You’ll also want to focus mission running for Emperor Family as the corporation that own the trade hub.

Re: Low tax trading at Jita 4-4

PostPosted: 2019.08.10 09:28
by Edswifa Rova
Is the connections skill relevant as well?

Re: Low tax trading at Jita 4-4

PostPosted: 2019.08.11 12:46
by Falling Snow KumaMoto
I'm pretty sure Broker Fees are calculated using the unmodified standings (so, without connections, diplomacy, etc.), while the tax you pay for reprocessing does consider connections. Anyone actually tested this in-game?