Post 2018.09.23 15:47

Re: Adrestia - Blueprint Access System

Just a reminder to those of you using this system: Remember to deliver your copy jobs to the Freshman Hangar, formerly known as the Alpha Hangar.

If you do not change the delivery location, then it will default to delivering the copies back to the Industry Hangar, and you do not have the permissions to take anything out of that hangar, not even your own copies. You do have permission to take blueprints from the floor of the Freshman Hangar, assuming that you have the Freshman title which is the pre-requisite for using this system.

Blueprints left on the Industry Hangar floor are held onto for awhile, so if you accidentally deliver to there, then just let me know. It may take awhile to get your blueprint back, though, depending upon my own free time. Unclaimed copies are just treated as donations; however, it is a terrible way to donate to E-UNI because we really don't need most of them and they will simply go unused or be given away at some point.

Maybe someday CCP will allow delivery to your personal hangar.
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