Q: Mining Missions

For questions on nomming rocks and planetary interaction.
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Halcyon Clarke
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Q: Mining Missions

Post by Halcyon Clarke »

It's been a while since returning to EVE and had a few questions about mining missions and looking for some veteran advice:

1) Opinion: Overall, are they worth it for an industrial/miner character?

2) Has anyone experienced ganker issues since these missions are not in usual system belts?

3) Any additional words of wisdom/advice/suggestions for someone running mining missions?

Thanks in advance o7
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Anidien Dallacort
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Director of Education
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Re: Q: Mining Missions

Post by Anidien Dallacort »

I've run a lot of mining missions - unfortunately not since the recent patch, but a lot of experience before that.

In my setup - I had a max skill Hulk with a +5% mining implant, and a max boost Orca, with mining drones supporting. I could clear about three missions an hour (L4), and gained about 4,000 LP per mission. With upgraded yields on the mining ships now - these kinds of numbers should get better, but I have yet to play with it post patch.

This isn't high end performance - you're not going to break ISK gain records doing this - but it's a nice, relaxing ,distracting activity.

I never had issues with gankers - the nice thing about it being a mission pocket, is you can simply d-scan and look for probes.
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