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My Second PI (experience from a beginner)

Posted: 2021.03.24 16:29
by Code Logic
This is a follow up of my first post about my experience in PI ( I made some changes and I want to share my findings.
List of Changes:
1. I move to LS whit 0.1 and 0.2 security level.
2. I have 3 characters whit the almost the same skills.
a. Main Character
b. Alts (2)

3. Now I have 3 colonies whit each character, and I am training the alts whit the free skill points form the events, but I am planning to buy some skills injectors for the lvl 4 and 5 skills (I think that is cheaper than get the multi license)

ALTS (lvl 3 command center): Since they have lower skill level, I stay at P1 production, but whit 2 different setups and 24h cycle and the planets whit around the same resources:
a. The ideal (11 Installations): This is what I call it the ideal at this skill tier, since all my 8 basics industry facilities are working all the time whit 8 extractor.


b. The second best (10 installations): Now this is the fun part, since the resources of the planet keep changing you need to adapt. And sometimes your extractor is going to be placed so far away form all you facilities ( is not the best scenario), but keep in mind that move your extractor is only going to cost 45.000 isk but move all the facilities and the landing path cost more than 1mill isk and don’t forget the time to setup all. Beside the distance the key factor is the extractors income per hour. For example, in the image above the av per hour is 51.612, each facility will be required 6.000 per hour so whit that rate 8,6 facilities can be working, in this case 8 is the number. But remember that since the extractor is far away, I sacrifice 1 facility to reach the materials, so this setup are 7 facilities, and ofc is avg so in some point at the end of the cycle less material will be extracted.



MAIN (lvl 4 command center): For my main I have gain two different setups: one p2 and the other for p1.
a. P2 (10 installations): As always, the main goal is to keep working all the facilities. In the same planet (oceanic type) I setup for Livestock (Good income according adam4eve). Whit my current power capacity I manage to install 2 p2 facilites and 4 p1 to keep running all the process.


b. P1 (12 installations): Is the same idea whit the alts but whit more power that means more facilities (9 p1) just be sure to extract enough materials to keep feeding the facilities.


Income (P2 or not P2?)
Well, this is the fun part, since a lot must be kept in mind. PI is fun but, for me I do not want to be stuck checking all your facilities or hauling mats all day instead of doing other activities. Right now, I need to haul every 2 days all my P1 materials form my 9 planets.

Why 2 days? One main reason: Ephital cargo capacity. Around 48h I can fill the cargo capacity of my ephital whit P1.

If P2 requires less hauling why don’t setup all P2? Is true if I change my main and in some point my alts to P2, I will need to haul around 3 or 4 days (maybe more) but at the market prices I am getting more income whit P1 (Biomass or Proteins) than P2 that in my case is the Livestock.

Why livestock and not other more profit P2? Well, livestock is not he most profit one that is true but, is not the lowest. According the adma4eve the best income involves material transport between planets (more time and cost in taxes). So, I did a little test whit my P2 vs P1 setup on my main. After 24h I get 240 livestock (p2) and some other residuals mats (that will be used for production) but on the other setup the same 24h give me 8.640 biomass and gain some residual mats. Now in term of isk at the prices right now P2 production (Buying orders prices) gives me: 240 * 7.300 = 1.752.000 and P1= 8.640 * 565= 4.881.600. What a surprise!!!!!!. keep in mind that the market is changing, and taxes are a thing you do not want to forget, but in terms of raw prices for me P1 are better. Now for my alts whit the 8 facilities: 7.680*565 = 4.339.200 and 7 facilities= 6.720 * 565 = 3.796.800