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Low Sec Ores in High Sec - Jet-Set Hooligan Escalation

Posted: 2021.02.28 22:39
by Zeerse Solaris
So, I will not be defeated in finding rarer ores in high sec despite CCP's efforts i.e I know they wouldn't have recorded everywhere they can be found.

On a Serpentis Watch combat signature, this can escalate to Jet-Set Hooligans. In the fourth location which has mad-cat frigates, this has a huge low sec ore belt. Stretching across 120km from end to end, about a 3rd of this scanned as

The wiki is very out of date, there were a lot more rats than the wiki implies, and it's a difficult site, at a Gila or HAC difficulty level.

If someone stays in the site, we know that the ore stays up until down time, we do not know the despawn trigger if no one is left on grid. But I suspect usual 20 minutes applies.

If you find this site, then it's worth pinging miners to come for the ore and staying in the site. once someone else is on grid the original finder can leave.