Mining Calculations

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Robert Edri
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Mining Calculations

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I was considering how much of a priority to make Mining V and the associated reprocessing skills so that I could equip the modulated mining lasers and crystals. At first glance it looked like I was going to see an 8% increase from the laser and crystal, but it looks like I was doing the math wrong; I had assumed the values were additive. I was able to work out that increases were multiplicative, but I feel I am still missing something on the modulated strip miners as they provide only a small increase (see attached snip and associated .xls)
I confirmed the values with the equipment on my ship, can someone confirm the values for the Modulated Strip Miner? I am also wondering what the specialty crystal mining amount listed on the item is for.
eve mining.xlsx
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Anidien Dallacort
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Re: Mining Calculations

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The numbers look good on the bottom line with the skiff - 1593 cubic meters per cycle, when I add another 5% for a mining implant, I get 1673 cubic meters per cycle, which is what I get out of a laser.

Yes, modulated strip miners are worth it.

Not to mention Mining is a 1x skill - while training a level 5 skill up is never something to do lightly, a 1x level V is a few days, for a lot of impact in this case.
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