Recent change toMoon Mining ...did R32 & R64 ore dissapear?

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Recent change toMoon Mining ...did R32 & R64 ore dissapear?

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Will R32 and R64 only appear with a bright blue flash when detonating moon chunk?

I know more valuable asteroid belt ores are found in -0.8 & -0.9 systems, is this also applicable to moons?

I have a couple of alts trained for mining, but haven't really started mining much. I am trying to decide where to drop an Athanor. I recently scanned about 40 moons in Low and Null sec looking for a good moon. Most of my scans where in -0.7 and -0.9 systems hoping to find rare (R32) or exceptional ore (R64). I mostly found R4 and occasionly found R8 and R16.

The reason for moons is I am interested in T2 production, (mostly for challenge) and see that exceptional ore is necessary for certain reactions and components.


Leto II
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