Changes to Moon Mining

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Shauny Tsero



Post 2020.06.05 17:29

Changes to Moon Mining

Now that moon mining has changed and most people have got grips on the changes what are everyone's thoughts?

Is it still profitable?

Do many people moon mine still?

Is it worth having Athanors on moons?

Just some of the questions I can think of, especially for a newbro perspective, to get the discussion going.

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Post 2020.06.06 00:15

Re: Changes to Moon Mining

I mine rocks in the high sec pocket. Three or four hulls at a time and compress.
I never mined in a "pull" in LSC but I miss the moon events at AMC. Without a moon -- or boosts for I am a humble low skill miner -- there isn't much need for a social event. Best to stealth mine on one's own.

I think that is the big loss: hermit mining is dull. Mine, hide, wait for danger to pass, maybe dronekill a couple rats, mine, hide from Raznorborg, go home.

Shared cans are great but when you can only laser/strip rocks, hosting is a bit droll with the addition of administriva with which to deal. Asking others to help ? Not my speed.

I despise asking for what I cannot do myself.


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