How to make 1bil/month/char for 5min effort daily in WHC

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Post 2020.05.21 23:05

How to make 1bil/month/char for 5min effort daily in WHC

I typed all this out as a reply to this thread but now I think it's best as a thread of its own.

How to make 1bil/month/character in WHC. Adaptable to other null or WH systems based on what planets there are and which p3 you want to produce. Not all P3 are made equal. If you wanted to make Robotics it's only 750mil/month, but chances are they are used locally for fuel.

Train interplan consol to 4 and cc upgr to 4
Build four planets that consist of LaunchPad, storage, 8x basic fact, 1 extractor with 10 heads. Routes: extractor->storage. Storage->factories->LP.
these are your planets:
Planet IV carbon comp -> biofuels
Planet VIII noble metals -> precious metals
Planet VII base metals -> reactive metals
Planet VI microorgs -> bacteria
Must extract 48000/hr (easy to do with 23hr 30m cycles and moving the extractor head around) you will be VERY tight on powergrid so can't go too far away with the extractor. Build everything as close together as possible.

On Planet I (smallest radius unused planet) build 2x LP, 4x adv fact making transcran micro, 8x avd fact making biocells, 8x adv facts making nanites.
Routes: LP1->8x biocells factories->LP1->4x transcran->LP1. LP2->8x nanites->LP2->4x transcran->LP1 (or 2 - doesn't really matter)

Daily, in the half hour your extractor planets are down you restart all your extractions, transfer the goods to poco, move all four pocos' worth of stuff to your fifth planet and ship down to the correct LP (two inputs for biocells into one LP and two inputs for nanites into the other) and pick up the transcran micros.

If you extract 48000 R0/hour on each planet then none of your factories ever stop running after the first day it takes to get your first extractions done. You make 12 P3/hr which is 8640/30 days. Transcran micros are currently 117,000 each, so that's 1.01bil/month from less than five minutes tending daily.

The market fluctuates. 6 months ago Robotics were the best thing to produce. 6 months from now it could be something else. You're better off just sticking to one product though rather than changing every 6 months. Not least because not all systems can support all products so chances are wherever you set this up can only support a handful of the P3s anyways.

When I lived in WHC I had one character making Robotics, and one making Guidance Systems. Both made 1bil a month from that but now you'd be looking at 750mil/month for robo and 860/mil month from guidance. Each also did a single-planet P2 because I had the skill trained. that's another 10 P2/hr that only needs tending to every three days.

Have your buildings as close to touching as possible to reduce link distances. Link as shown in red. (you will likely move your extractor away from that cluster at some point to keep it in range of the hotspots - but can't go very far due to PG restrictions.

If you have trained CC upgr to V then you can afford an extra basic factory on your basic planets which will run with anything you are extracting above 48000/hr, or can afford to go half-way across the planet for resources.
If you have trained for a sixth planet then do a single planet P2 on it. Ideally it should be a P2 you need for your P3, or the best ISK P2 you can on that planet. This is what I determined to be the best single planet P2s in Innu back in 2015, when I built this spreadsheet.



This is the layout I used for my factories on a CC upgrades V char. the middle LP is totally pointless, and is where I would route my p3 to, but like it said it is utterly worthless really.
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Post 2020.05.21 23:11

Re: How to make 1bil/month/character in WHC

My planet choices for:

robotics and coolant character: (hard to get all the chiral needed - I would buy some from market whenever I was selling the outputs)
guidance systems and superconductors character:

This is the setup for guidance systems which right now would be 1,363,081.32 /hr so 981mil/30 days (click on market overview on the left to see ISK/Hr stats, and click on each of the planets on the left to see the CPU & grid requirements at CC upgrades 4)
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Post 2020.05.28 04:07

Re: How to make 1bil/month/char for 5min effort daily in WHC

A couple of comments to add here for those that might be looking to try this:

The income here would be based on zero percent customs taxes. With taxes involved, a player would be paying (
[(tax rate) * 600 ISK] * 1280 units of P1 per hour to export from the first four planets and import to the factory, then [(tax rate) * 60,000 ISK] * 12 units of P3 per hour to export. At a 5% rate, for example, that would be 74,400 ISK per hour in taxes - adding up to a bit over 53 million per month lost there. As tax rates increase - so do that cost. Also the cost of selling (sales tax, and broker fees if setting sell orders for the P3), must be considered.

Also, you’ll be running up some decent costs in re-arranging the extracting planets, as you have to move your extractor heads. If you are running tight on power grid, moving to a new location due to depleted resources, would mean moving the whole operation - which can easily start to amount to 7-8 digit costs per extracting planets, ever few days.

However, profit is still realizable if you can run a P3 factory with self extracted goods, especially running it continuously.

A note on the P3 factory setup - for a two input P3 like transcranial microcontrollers, I like to use a 3 launchpad and 1 storage facility setup with the 20 advanced industry facilities, at CC V. Each launchpad and the storage facility, feed four AIFs P1 (to turn into P2), which in turn feed the 5th AIF in each setup to create continuous P3. The P3 output then routes back to the same launchpad or storage facility that fed the P2 AIFs. The final important part, is to link up one launchpad with the storage facility, to do expedited transfers (send P1 inputs from one LP to the SF when loading up goods, then reload the LP - or send P3 output from the SF to the LP before picking up). This setup, only requires attention every 2.5 days or so - you can load enough input in the LPs to run continuously that long.
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