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Mining Drones

PostPosted: 2018.11.29 06:37
by Mantzikert Askold
Just using mining drones for the first time. Do you just set them at "Mine Repeatedly" and forget them until your hull is full?

It doesn't seem to speed up the mining that much.


Re: Mining Drones

PostPosted: 2018.11.29 08:09
by Cassiel Seraphim
It does add up if you use them efficiently, but that requires you to work with their limitations.

Once the asteroid is depleted, you'll need to manually reassign your drones to mine another asteroid. To overcome this, you should leave a dedicated asteroid just for your drones, that you don't mine that asteroid with your mining laser or strip miners. Ideally you pick a large quantity asteroid so that you can continue mining out all the other rocks while the drones keep churning away at the same asteroid for as long as possible.

Mining drones are slow, so keep the distance between your ship and the drone-assigned asteroid short. Ideally you'd want a small asteroid (physical size) with high quantity (lots of ore), but that isn't always possible. Personally I favour large quantity over size, when forced to choose, so I don't have to reassign them. You then park your ship close to that asteroid, so the drones don't have to go too far. Mechanics make this flawed no matter how you go about doing it though, as the drones will orbit the asteroid and could still be 10-15km away from your ship if you're unlucky and their finish their cycles while on the far side of the asteroid.

Back when I mined, I practically just used to warp to the middle of the belt, mine the rocks next to me with my drones and then used my strip miners to mine the ore from both ends, working towards the middle.

plus they are slow, so you need to park yourself on a

Re: Mining Drones

PostPosted: 2018.11.29 14:37
by Zeerse Solaris
Pretty much as per Cass's reply. Typically if I am mining in an Orca in my non-war dec'd alt in a system not frequently visited by gankers, I would assign each drone to one asteroid, so you can effectively go AFK and come back less frequently. Due to their slow speed it's also worth considering drone navigation up a few levels to help compensate.