Full chain P0->P4

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Padraic Musbrandt



Post 2017.12.19 22:33

Full chain P0->P4

Before I try to calculate it myself (or not) I would like to ask a quick question hoping someone has done this work before and knows the answer:

Is splitting the full chain P0->P4 in the following way is good customs-tax-wise?

1) A large number of planets mining various P0s and processing them to P1s before exporting.
2) 3 planets importing various P1s and producing P3 (each planet a different one).
3) 1 planet importing 3 different P3s and producing P4.

Zoltan Irvam



Post 2017.12.22 13:47

Re: Full chain P0->P4


a planet full of hi tech factories making P4 from P3 is going to be a logistical nightmare. You can fit 18 high tech factories, a launchpad and 2 storage units on a planet with Command Center Upgrades 5 and that means you need 108 units of each P3 - per hour. If we disregard very funky distributions and just put one P3 per storage/launchpad and route product to storage units, we can run this for 15h (10000 launchpad cap / 108 units / 6 m³ per unit).

So you need frequent refills... and a lot of planets producing P3 - just for the 108 units per hour of one P3 from P2 you need 36 advanced factories - that's more than 1 planet even with maxed skills.
And then comes P2 from P1 - for that 108 units of one P3 per hour you need 144 advanced factories to produce one P2 from P1 (times two or three depending on how many P2s your P3 needs).
To produce just enough of one P1 (and you need 12 or 18 for most P4s) you need 532 basic factories and 3.2 million units of raw material per hour.

PS: to be a bit more constructive - you can easily do 3 times P2->P4 on one planet (3 high tech, 18 advanced, 2 storage and launchpad) - keeping that fed is hard enough without buying stuff from market.

Good Luck!


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