Field Command for Post Graduation

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Serethine Veridora
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Field Command for Post Graduation

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I've been learning the game slowly for the last week. and eventually want to move onto PvP -> large scale pvp as a field commander. One of the main things that I've played throughout my life are the Total War franchise. It has been one of my passions for years since I was a child to look at a battlefield as a chessboard. Calculating the best method of winning while suffering the least amount of losses What steps must I take to begin walking down the path to blend these two passions of mine?
What makes the difference between the master and the student? The master has failed more times than the student has attempted. Therefore I will continue to learn from my mistakes and improve upon them.
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Anidien Dallacort
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Re: Field Command for Post Graduation

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I’d start here, with the EVE Uni FC team:

There is a link at the bottom to apply to be a Junior FC.

With fleet command, there is no replacement for doing.

The FC team gets you in with a community that helps get you organized, and provide feedback.

Get out there, lose some ships/fleets, and learn each time you do.
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