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Roles for Alts

Posted: 2021.02.09 14:32
by Tomcat Evergreen
I currently have 3 alt accounts (besides my main) with a Mining toon each and I hope to use the remaining character slots for combat related roles.
Long term I want to use those accounts for cap pilots (1 dread, 1 carrier or fax, maybe even a super or titan toon), which means that I want to have at least one toon per account that can fly a Force Recon as Cyno. But thats not why I'm here, I'm hoping to get some feedback on what to do short/mid term with those accounts while I'm with E-UNI.

What can I train alts into that is usefull in combat fleets?

I don't want to multibox active combat roles like Logi or DPS. But more passive support roles like Combat-Prober, Blobs-Bridger, Ammo-/Loot-/Fuel-Trucker are things that came to mind that I would be willing to half-ass multibox in combat fleets.
What other roles did I miss?

And how would you combine roles?
(For example a Combat Prober would want to fly Covert Frigates, which makes it easy to be a Covert Cyno alt, which is already a step towards a Force Recon Cyno. And would it make sense to train one of my Miners into the DST/BR hauler role?)

Re: Roles for Alts

Posted: 2021.02.09 15:03
by Cedric Redfist
In several combat scenarios, you are fine multiboxing DPS without any hint of trouble.
Anchor up, keep at range, lock targets, press F1-F4 as needed.

It only gets tricky if you are doing nano roams & have to actively do manual piloting.

If you want some experience outside of fleets handling ships in a multibox scenario, try running ships with remote reps or shield transfer.
You'll get the routine in no time. Dual monitors are recommended, but you can do setups where you open the EVE clients in separate small windows too.

Re: Roles for Alts

Posted: 2021.02.10 19:24
by Gergoran Moussou
Links skills are better to train on alts than main because in order to fly links, you need to train some skills that don't get used for much else but take a rather long time (since the implant is an expectation in most places, training all four types of links is a few months just for that along with some support skills to train into the right destroyer or battlecruiser). In addition to this, they are incredibly easy to multibox in a fleet context, since a links ship usually is fit such that its own damage is a negligible and the fleet doesn't lose out on much by the pilot focusing on other characters and not shooting the broadcasted targets (usually, they might have one or two small guns/light missile launchers to tag killmails, but three command bursts and a rack of smartbombs is their main loadout in high slots). Because of how little input you need in links (after all, a links module will run for five hours before it has to reload), that's pretty much the gold standard for passive multiboxing.

Since you said that you intend to train your characters into capitals (which are themselves generally quite easy to multibox) at some point, carriers have the easiest crossover with links. Usually even a dreadbomb will have a couple of links (Armor/Shield/Information) carriers.

Multiboxing DPS really isn't that hard in a fleet context (it's significantly harder to multibox with a Sabre or interceptor and more people do this). There isn't really anything that translates particularly well to dreadnoughts, but if you want to PVP with an alt while training into a dreadnought, an extra DPS, Sabre, interceptor, or stealth bomber are what I would recommend. It would be a really good Incursion battleship option too since dreadnoughts need to train T2 large weapons anyway. It's very common to train BLOPS on a dreadnought character too, especially if you want to train it into a titan later (since BLOPS and titan are the two bridge ships).

Triage characters require Logistics Cruiser V anyway (train this on your main too). It's not really any harder to multibox another Scimitar or Zarmazd in fleet context than it is for DPS, though for Guardians and Basilisks, it can get awkward with cap-chaining (although some people do multibox Guardians). You might want to train links as well, especially if you're planning on joining a corp/alliance which flies Low-Sec battleship fleets which use triage for their links.

I would recommend training carrier and triage on separate characters. Even though they use the same hull skill (although armor fleets generally want Gallente carriers and Amarr triage, shield generally Minmatar carriers and Caldari triage), they don't share much else and most situations in which you'd want to use one, you'd want to use the other too (especially if you end up flying a supercarrier, since most alliances which use those don't even allow people to fly them without putting a triage in the fleet). And because you'd want to have your supercapital pilots separate from your triage pilots, it's also not a great idea to use a dreadnought pilot to fly a triage if you intend to make it a titan pilot later on.