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PostPosted: 2018.08.25 03:43
by Larson Tetartos
So, what I feel like I have learned about PvP is that it's basically a chess match, and by that I mean that essentially there are counter plays and counter ships to each other type of ship. What I haven't really been able to figure out is the links, is anybody aware of something out there that says "if you're flying "X", look for fights with ships "A" and "B", or fights that look like "Y"

Basically a cheat sheet for what fights I should be taking or not, from somebody who knows a lot more about it than I do.


Re: PvP/Chess

PostPosted: 2018.08.25 04:01
by Conci Furiram
There's some archetype talk on the second page of the bible of t1 frigates: ... _frigates/

Have a read in that section to get some basics of the "classes" of combat and the counters.

Re: PvP/Chess

PostPosted: 2018.10.20 16:57
by Budda Sereda
Ask in E-Uni Kelon's pdf: it has exactly what you are looking for.
If nobody has it, ping me in-game, i'll see if i have it somewhere (now I'm not at home).