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learned something today

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tldr; Caught exploring

Things I noticed:

* There where more then one set of scanning probes, initially there where 4 people in system.
* There where some travelers going through the system, the attacker came and went, it is speculation but the attacker could have scanned down the site before.

Things I did to prevent being caught:

* Keep away from the entrypoint of the site.
* Keep 2500 distance from colidables to use my cloak
* Align to a warpout point
* Keep dscanning /checking overview

Why was I caught:
* The bommer was cloaked, has a fast lock & I was scrammed and webbed.
* I did not pay enough attention to dscan/overview
* I was greedy, I could have waited a bit longer
* I forgot to use the ecm drone

Learning points
* Use the ecm drone, this might have broke target lock and help me escape
* Have more patience
* I dropped loot of at a station before hacking, lost loot of two containers. The loot in the station will pay for a new fitted ship.
* Check people in system, a tool for this might be handy


* Would a warp core stabilizer have saved me? I had a MWD fitted, and was webbed so probably not.
* If I had a AB/web I might have made it outside the scram range, this will be the change to this fit I have used.

(not sure if this is the right place in the forum, if not please move/advise where to post this)
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