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ECM changes and a new way to use it?

I've been hearing all the huff about the ECM change (where a ship that is successfully jammed can only target the jammer), how it will cause the death of the Griffin, ECM forced to become primary target, etc. I may be committing heresy here, but this new ECM sounds like a warrior taunting the party's target to attack him/her instead. However, as my PvP experience is extremely limited, I want to offer this question to those that are more knowledgeable.

In a small gang encounter, could ECM be used by a tanky ship to force an enemy to focus on it for 20 seconds? Warp in on the gang, target their biggest threat, and have a hybrid-tanked ship ECM them until they can only attack the "tank"?

Along those same lines, perhaps ECM could be used in conjunction with damps (which is probably how it's being used now); ECM sits far away, jams the target, and someone else damps the jammed ship so they can't retaliate on the jammer...
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