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Grinding Thukker Tribe For Nomads

Posted: 2023.04.05 14:03
by John DuLac
Hi all,

As some of you know, I've been running L1 and now L2 missions for Thukker Tribe for about a week. My goal is(was?) to earn enough ISK/LP to buy Mid-grade Nomads for my planned hauling Alt.

I'm doing this now because my future hauling Alt will be stealing training time and (I'm guessing) will be terrible at combat.

If I've learned anything in my short time in EVE it's "if you're going to climb a ladder, make sure it's leaning against the right wall".

So, any advice?

1. Are Nomads best for Blockade Runners who want to get as close to 2 second aligns as possible?

2. Is grinding for Thukker Tribe the cheapest way to earn Nomads or should I just do something that pays better and just buy a set of Nomads?

3. If grinding Thukker is the best way to earn Nomads, would it make sense to become a 'Puller' for L4's so that other Unistas can join me in watching paint dry?

Any other advice is super appreciated. I just upgraded my Rail Catalyst to a Caracal. I would ultimately like to try Gila b/c my Drone and Missile skills are coming along nicely. A Drake was suggested as a good stop along that way.

I will have standings for L3's very soon but will need to pause while I earn enough to upgrade to the next class.


Re: Grinding Thukker Tribe For Nomads

Posted: 2023.04.05 17:45
by Arin Mara
To answer these and adjacent questions I made Eden's Loyalty: compare all ISK per LP and wrote 1000 Venal Guristas Level 4 Security Missions: Anomic Burners. ;)

About Blockade Runners, I know little.

If you like doing Missions to earn Loyalty Points, then buy your Nomads with Loyalty Points, because joy is all that matters. :)
If you want to get a set of Nomad Implants for Hauling, which you like more than Mission Running, then earn ISK in some other way that's fun and exciting. :)
If ISK is what you are after, get good at a single activity. Train skills, learn how to do it better, invest in a specialized ship, optimize. Than you can buy the Nomad Implants with ISK and go Hauling or, on your road to Nomads, you could discovered a new and exciting new activity that you like even more then Hauling. :)

I'm not sure what you mean by becoming a Puller and letting others watch you do Missions. Puller isn't a word in the Lexicon, but from New Players Guide to L4 Mission Fleets I gather it means you accept Missions from Agents. That still doesn't tell me enough to answer the question. Are you asking about forming a Fleet of like-minded capsuleers to complete Thukker Tribe Missions more efficiently? Or that you'd like to demo how to do it to others? Or that you'd like to share your Standing gains with others?

I like Gilas too! :) If you really like Mission running, like I do, you might even consider buying a Frigate specialized in doing Anomic Burner Missions. Those are adrenaline pumping! :D

Re: Grinding Thukker Tribe For Nomads

Posted: 2023.04.08 22:40
by John DuLac
Thank you Arin,

Sorry for the confusion, as you deduced, I had seen the term "Puller" used on the Uni Discord to describe someone that has the standings to pull L4 missions for a particular faction.

I do find missioning solo a bit grindy. Perhaps I'll get more enjoyment out of joining some of the mission fleets and just converting LP to ISK until I can get the Nomads. I also learned the Uni runs Incursions after DT so there's a potential career there.