Level 4 Mission Efficiency Guide Using a Dominix and Noctis

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Level 4 Mission Efficiency Guide Using a Dominix and Noctis

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PVE Guide: Level 4 mission efficiency using a Dominix and Noctis

I created this guide based on my experience running Level 4 missions. The purpose is to complete the missions as efficiently as possible and maximize earnings.

This is an intermediate guide for players that have sufficiently trained skills to pilot a Dominix and use t2 sentry drones and pilot a Noctis. A new player will take time to train these skills, but the good news is it is not difficult and very rewarding.

Because this is an intermediate guide, I am not to going to detail the fits, or link to the necessary skills. This guide presumes you have a basic understanding of EVE, and how to fit and fly a Dominix and use drones.


1. Dominix
a. Light drones to kill frigates that may try to web you
b. Sentry drones once you are 100KM out from the enemy ships
c. Micro jump drive - very important
d. Micro warp drive
e. Modules to enhance your drones, such damage amplifiers and tracking enhancers
f. Basic tank modules — doesn’t really matter if it is armor or shield. You will not get hit if you follow this strategy.
g. 3 Mobile Tractor Units (many level 4 missions have 3 pockets...some only have 1)

2. Noctis with salvage units in each slot. You won’t need any tractor beams due to the MTUs.


1. Obtain a level 4 security mission (reject it if it is an elite mission — this isn’t a guide for those types of missions)
2. Upon warp in, either use the micro jump drive (you will use this most of the time) or the micro warp drive to fly 100 KM from enemy ships. If you can drop a mobile tractor unit 50 KM out (assuming you are using the micro warp drive), do it, otherwise you will drop the MTU after you clear the pocket
3. Use light drones to quickly clear any fast enemy ships that could prevent you from getting 100 KM out
4. Once you are 100 KM out, quickly slow your speed to zero
5. Quickly deploy 5 sentry II drones
6. Target and shoot all enemy ships. Assuming you have adequate skills and equipment, this should go very quickly and should not take advanced skills.
7. Repeat this for all mission pockets
8. Fly back to where your Noctis is docked and switch to your Noctis. Do this prior to completing the mission, so you can easily fly to your MTUs using the Location icon and selecting the mission location.
9. Loot up all the MTUs and put them in your cargo bay. Even if there are 30 ships, a fully fitted Noctis will quickly salvage them all. you won’t need any tractor beams as the MTUs will be tractor in everything in.
10. Fly back to your agent and complete the mission.
11. If you are a member of E-Uni, fly your Noctis back to one of the E-Uni locations that support the buyback program and follow the instructions in the buyback guide. You can find the buyback guide using the following link. Scroll to the bottom of the guide and read “general buyback”.

Buyback Instructions


- low risk if you do not select an elite mission.
- These strategies may not work for an elite mission.
- low risk of being ganked if you do this a long time and players notice a pattern of you flying the Noctis for salvage — be alert and warp out if you suspect you are being hunted.

- Quickly complete normal level 4 missions
- Quickly obtain all loot
- Quickly salvage all wrecks
- Efficiently sell using the E-Uni buyback program and make great profit


I have found this method to be extremely consistent, safe, and fun. I enjoy using drones and I enjoy PVE. This method allows me to make a good profit while I am having fun.

I hope you find it helpful.

-- Latron Vitrie
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