Eden's Loyalty: compare all ISK per LP offers

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Eden's Loyalty: compare all ISK per LP offers

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Eden's Loyalty: compare all ISK per LP offers


Eden's Loyalty is a downloadable table of all Loyalty Point offers and their ISK per LP ratios.

  • Browse and sort all New Eden's Loyalty Point offers
  • Download the table and analyze it with your favorite spreadsheet
  • Available in dark mode

  • Increase Loyalty Point market efficiency
  • Provide capsuleers that lack information technology skills access to information
  • Promote mission running as an activity for novices and experts


Patch notes, wars and changes to industry greatly effect the Loyalty Point market. Segments of the market can get saturated, forcing missions runners to find a new mission hub. With 172 Corporations across 17 Factions to choose from it is difficult to pick where the new mission hub should be.

Currently available tools make it difficult to compare Loyalty Point offers between Corporations:

Eden's Loyalty is the successor to the Total Loyalty Point Offer Comparator.

Compared to Total Loyalty Point Offer Comparator, Eden's Loyalty:
  • is 10 000 times faster
  • costs the same to host as the Google Sheets implementation
  • has all the features of its predecessor

Feel free to provide feedback or poke me if the offers go out of date. :) I wish you the best ISK to LP!
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