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Total Loyalty Point Offer Comparator (Trig offers!)

Posted: 2020.09.29 15:32
by Arin Mara
Total Loyalty Point Offer Comparator
The Total Loyalty Point Offer Comparator is a spreadsheet of Loyalty Point Offers enriched with Faction and Market Group information that computes the ISK per Loyalty Point for all Corporations in New Eden.


  • Compare the ISK per Loyalty Point between all Offers
  • Filter by multiple complex conditions or values
  • Sort by any column (see Data dimensions)
  • Flexible data format
  • Save a snapshot, download it and do offline analysis
  • Extend with new columns or delete existing ones

Compared with other tools

  • Fuzzwork's LP Store: shows the best Loyalty Point to ISK Offer, but only for a single Corporation at a time and with no filters
  • Ellatha's LP Store: shows an exhaustive list of all Offers, but doesn't interface with the Market

Answer New Eden spanning questions

  • Which High Security Corporation pays the most ISK per Loyalty Point on Buy Order?
  • How will the Buy Order price of Amarrian Items change after the Fall of Niarja?
  • What's the most sought after Item?
  • What's the best ISK per Loyalty Point ratio if I only sell to Buy Orders?
  • Which Offer has the biggest spread between Buy and Sell Order value?
  • Which Faction Warfare Militia Corporation should I join?
  • How do I filter out Faction Warfare, low volume or implant Offers?
  • How many offers require more then four items?

The Database's secondary purpose

  • Create a downloadable machine and human readable Loyalty Point Offer table
  • Enable capsuleers that lack advanced information technology skills to better understand the Market
  • Reduce Market information asymmetry
  • Show the power of spreadsheets over websites
  • Excite the public imagination


  • Slow: evaluating the whole of New Eden for the first time can take up to 5 minutes
  • Blueprints aren't evaluated: omitted in favor of speed and simplicity
  • Sensitive to market manipulation: shows current price, not the moving average

If you see #N/A instead of numbers there will be a white-gray progress bar in the top right of Google Sheets. The Database is fetching Market data. The progress bar may appear multiple times. Give it 5 minutes.

How to start using the Database

  • Login and make an online copy or
  • Create a temporary filter or
  • Download it

Future plans

  • Create a website

I'm currently open for interviews and collaborations. Contact Arin Mara via EVE email or
ISK tips and donations are more then welcome.

----- ----- ----- ----- Appendix ----- ----- ----- -----
Data dimensions

  • faction_name: like Thukker Tribe
  • corporation_name: like Garoun Investment Bank
  • type_name: like Federation Navy Iridium Charge M
  • market_group_name: like Implant
  • buy_value: Fuzzwork's Buy Order appraisal of Loyalty Point Offer
  • sell_value: Fuzzwork's Sell Order appraisal of Loyalty Point Offer
  • buy_volume: Item's Buy Order Volume
  • sell_volume: Item's Sell Order Volume
  • isk_cost
  • lp_cost
  • analysis_kredit_cost
  • required_items_X_item_name: Offers may require Faction Warfare or Ammo Items
  • total_isk_buy_cost: sum of isk_cost and all hidden required_items_X_item_buy_value columns
  • total_isk_sell_cost: sum of isk_cost and all hidden required_items_X_item_sell_value columns
  • profit_sell_to_buy_buy_from_sell: buy_value minus total_isk_sell_cost
  • profit_sell_to_sell_buy_from_sell: sell_value minus total_isk_sell_cost
  • isk_per_lp_profit_sell_to_buy_buy_from_sell: profit_sell_to_buy_buy_from_sell divided by lp_cost
  • isk_per_lp_profit_sell_to_sell_buy_from_sell: profit_sell_to_sell_buy_from_sell divided by lp_cost
  • ... and many hidden columns for intermediate computation

Prior work

Difference between an Offer and an Item

  • There are 1 943 unique Offers
  • There are 1 835 unique Items
  • Different Offers allow you to purchase the same Item

Database trivia

  • 30 831 rows
  • 44 columns
  • 1 340 944 data points
  • 1 943 unique Offers
  • 1 835 unique Items
  • 176 Corporations
  • 18 Factions
  • Many weeks in the making


  • Veles, Perune and Svarog Clade and The Convocation of Triglav Offers added

Arin's Guides

Feel free to contact Arin Mara via EVE email or

Re: [Arin's Guide] Loyalty Point Offer Database

Posted: 2020.09.30 10:13
by Hippla Tsero
Really good stuff :)

Re: [Arin's Guide] Loyalty Point Offer Database

Posted: 2020.09.30 18:23
by Arin Mara
Thanks Hippla :)

Would anyone find a CLASS about spreadsheets and how to use the Database useful? If so, tell me and I'll see if I can schedule an event. :)

Re: [Arin's Guide] Loyalty Point Offer Database

Posted: 2020.10.06 11:32
by Adam Ironborn
I just noticed this :) Due to time constratins (because of RL stuff) I did not look it in details yet but it seems a very good initiative. Web based tools are good but a spreadsheet like this has its own advantages over other web based tools.

Re: [Arin's Guide] Loyalty Point Offer Database (Trig updated!)

Posted: 2020.10.15 21:11
by Arin Mara
I've added the new Triglavian Loyalty Point Offers to the Database.

All Triglavian Offers cost zero Loyalty Points and only require items and ISK.

Enjoy! :)

Re: [Arin's Guide] Loyalty Point Offer Database (Trig offers!)

Posted: 2020.10.20 22:52
by Iris Ayanami
This is an impressive piece of work and quite a lot of effort and time must've gone into it. Thanks for sharing this for everyone's benefit! I'll definitely be referring to this a bunch in the future when I start doing more missions.

Re: [Arin's Guide] Loyalty Point Offer Database (Trig offers!)

Posted: 2020.10.21 18:22
by Arin Mara
My pleasure ;) As I've told Hippla in private, as long as one other person finds the LPDB useful I'll continue to work on it. :)