[Arin's Guide] Loyalty Point Offer Database (Trig offers!)

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Arin Mara



Post 2020.09.29 15:32

[Arin's Guide] Loyalty Point Offer Database (Trig offers!)

Loyalty Point Offer Database

The Loyalty Point Offer Database is a spreadsheet of Loyalty Point Offers enriched with Faction and Market Group information that computes the ISK per Loyalty Point for all Corporations in New Eden.


  • Compare the ISK per Loyalty Point between all Offers
  • Filter by multiple complex conditions or values
  • Sort by any column (see Data dimensions)
  • Flexible data format
  • Save a snapshot, download it and do offline analysis
  • Extend with new columns or delete existing ones

Compared with other tools

  • Fuzzwork's LP Store: shows the best Loyalty Point to ISK Offer, but only for a single Corporation at a time and with no filters
  • Ellatha's LP Store: shows an exhaustive list of all Offers, but doesn't interface with the Market

Answer New Eden spanning questions

  • Which High Security Corporation pays the most ISK per Loyalty Point on Buy Order?
  • How will the Buy Order price of Amarrian Items change after the Fall of Niarja?
  • What's the most sought after Item?
  • What's the best ISK per Loyalty Point ratio if I only sell to Buy Orders?
  • Which Offer has the biggest spread between Buy and Sell Order value?
  • Which Faction Warfare Militia Corporation should I join?
  • How do I filter out Faction Warfare, low volume or implant Offers?
  • How many offers require more then four items?

The Database's secondary purpose

  • Create a downloadable machine and human readable Loyalty Point Offer table
  • Enable capsuleers that lack advanced information technology skills to better understand the Market
  • Reduce Market information asymmetry
  • Show the power of spreadsheets over websites
  • Excite the public imagination


  • Slow: evaluating the whole of New Eden for the first time can take up to 5 minutes
  • Blueprints aren't evaluated: omitted in favor of speed and simplicity
  • Sensitive to market manipulation: shows current price, not the moving average

If you see #N/A instead of numbers there will be a white-gray progress bar in the top right of Google Sheets. The Database is fetching Market data. The progress bar may appear multiple times. Give it 5 minutes.

How to start using the Database

  • Login and make an online copy or
  • Create a temporary filter or
  • Download it

Future plans

  • Create a website

I'm currently open for interviews and collaborations. Contact Arin Mara via EVE email or maraarin@gmail.com.
ISK tips and donations are more then welcome.

----- ----- ----- ----- Appendix ----- ----- ----- -----

Data dimensions

  • faction_name: like Thukker Tribe
  • corporation_name: like Garoun Investment Bank
  • type_name: like Federation Navy Iridium Charge M
  • market_group_name: like Implant
  • buy_value: Fuzzwork's Buy Order appraisal of Loyalty Point Offer
  • sell_value: Fuzzwork's Sell Order appraisal of Loyalty Point Offer
  • buy_volume: Item's Buy Order Volume
  • sell_volume: Item's Sell Order Volume
  • isk_cost
  • lp_cost
  • analysis_kredit_cost
  • required_items_X_item_name: Offers may require Faction Warfare or Ammo Items
  • total_isk_buy_cost: sum of isk_cost and all hidden required_items_X_item_buy_value columns
  • total_isk_sell_cost: sum of isk_cost and all hidden required_items_X_item_sell_value columns
  • profit_sell_to_buy_buy_from_sell: buy_value minus total_isk_sell_cost
  • profit_sell_to_sell_buy_from_sell: sell_value minus total_isk_sell_cost
  • isk_per_lp_profit_sell_to_buy_buy_from_sell: profit_sell_to_buy_buy_from_sell divided by lp_cost
  • isk_per_lp_profit_sell_to_sell_buy_from_sell: profit_sell_to_sell_buy_from_sell divided by lp_cost
  • ... and many hidden columns for intermediate computation

Prior work

Difference between an Offer and an Item

  • There are 1 943 unique Offers
  • There are 1 835 unique Items
  • Different Offers allow you to purchase the same Item

Database trivia

  • 30 831 rows
  • 44 columns
  • 1 340 944 data points
  • 1 943 unique Offers
  • 1 835 unique Items
  • 176 Corporations
  • 18 Factions
  • Many weeks in the making


  • Veles, Perune and Svarog Clade and The Convocation of Triglav Offers added

Arin's Guides

Feel free to contact Arin Mara via EVE email or maraarin@gmail.com.
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Hippla Tsero


Communications Manager
Communications Manager

Post 2020.09.30 10:13

Re: [Arin's Guide] Loyalty Point Offer Database

Really good stuff :)
EVE University Communications Manager

Social Media

EVE University blog:

Arin Mara



Post 2020.09.30 18:23

Re: [Arin's Guide] Loyalty Point Offer Database

Thanks Hippla :)

Would anyone find a CLASS about spreadsheets and how to use the Database useful? If so, tell me and I'll see if I can schedule an event. :)

Adam Ironborn



Post 2020.10.06 11:32

Re: [Arin's Guide] Loyalty Point Offer Database

I just noticed this :) Due to time constratins (because of RL stuff) I did not look it in details yet but it seems a very good initiative. Web based tools are good but a spreadsheet like this has its own advantages over other web based tools.
My former EUNI character : Ersin Oghuz

Arin Mara



Post 2020.10.15 21:11

Re: [Arin's Guide] Loyalty Point Offer Database (Trig updated!)

I've added the new Triglavian Loyalty Point Offers to the Database.

All Triglavian Offers cost zero Loyalty Points and only require items and ISK.

Enjoy! :)

Iris Ayanami



Post 2020.10.20 22:52

Re: [Arin's Guide] Loyalty Point Offer Database (Trig offers!)

This is an impressive piece of work and quite a lot of effort and time must've gone into it. Thanks for sharing this for everyone's benefit! I'll definitely be referring to this a bunch in the future when I start doing more missions.

Arin Mara



Post 2020.10.21 18:22

Re: [Arin's Guide] Loyalty Point Offer Database (Trig offers!)

My pleasure ;) As I've told Hippla in private, as long as one other person finds the LPDB useful I'll continue to work on it. :)

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