Best duo for pve activity

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Yve Mountbatten



Post 2019.06.03 10:27

Best duo for pve activity

Hi All,

After a being absent for a while, I'm heading back into Solitude and bringing a new alt with me.

I'm keen to hear if anyone has had any experience running a duo set up for pve activity, typically mission running and ratting sites (in all spaces).

I've tried to find tutorials on dual boxing two drone boats with remote reppers eg. Myrm or VNI, however I don't have any experience with logistics or fleet work so not really sure how to fit and/or operate two ships together.

I'm more than happy to jump into missions and give it a go, but equally happy to hear any comments others have on how to operate this set up.


If you are in a spaceship that is traveling at the speed of light, and you turn on the headlights, does anything happen?

O'b Haru Sen



Post 2019.06.03 16:23

Re: Best duo for pve activity

With a few exceptions I think dual-boxing missions with two dps ships does not take significantly less time and more effort than using a single powerful ship. Travel time and target locking of guns/missiles as well as salvaging/looting are not effected after all.

Exceptions are IMHO some of the harder epic arc missions, e.g. the final combat mission in the Amarr epic arc. The L4 epic arcs can also conveniently be run by two characters in parallel, so very efficient to dual box. "The Blockade", "Gone Berserk" and other L4s with many battleship spawns are probably also a good case. Nothing wrong with it if you want to try yourself though.

You need to make/join a fleet for both pilots and rewards & standings will be shared between both. Except for the faction standings in storyline missions, those will only go to the pilot who accepted the mission. The fleet commander pilot should use "warp squad" for warping to synchronize both ships.

Personally I would recommend to use at least one drone boat with auto-aggro long range sentry drones (Rattlesnake or Dominix) and for both a tank that requires minimal attention - passive shield or perma-on repper is ideal. Auto-triggering spawns with the drones should not pose much of a problem with two decent dps ships, especially if you keep some distance. If you do it the first time switch auto-aggro off though.
The reason to use sentries is to avoid drone loss by being distracted.

I have never dual-boxed remote rep for PvE, only for PvP (logi). Should work as long as you can perma rep, i.e. don't have to manually handle the capacitor. Note that you need to keep your ships very close for this to work. Also target handling for both repping and shooting easily leads to errors, i.e. shooting your own pilot (set safeties to green). Dominix should be ideal (or Nestor if you want crazy).

Personally I would not run with a slow battleship in lowsec or null without backup, not even in (quiet) Solitude. But I don't have much experience running missions in low or null except in interceptors, destroyers and Strats. Also no experience with VNI for PvE, sorry. Passive shield tank Myrm works very well in wormhole sleeper sites.

You also may want to consider other ways of dual-boxing: e.g. one dps ship plus one salvager/looter. Not sure it is worth it though.

Personally I just go with a single Marauder per pilot, overlapping 2 mission runs on different accounts for the mop-up and travel phases.
Also I find it really convenient and fast to have specialized ships ready for some mission blitzing: Interceptor for "Cargo Delivery" and "Recon 1-3", Arty Machariel for "Dread Pirate Scarlet".

Before you do anything new and risky make sure to first test on an easy mission.

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