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Forum Moderation

PostPosted: 2015.03.28 20:24
by Azmodeus Valar
Please remember to be civil on our forums. While the Politics and Trolling is not strictly moderated, we reserve the right to moderate any section of the forums that violate our normal chat rules:

Members can report any post they feel needs moderation using the Report Post function. It is a small icon at the bottom right of each post.

Abuse of the report post will annoy me, which is probably not a good idea.

Re: Forum Moderation

PostPosted: 2015.03.29 04:07
by Sara Lafisques
I soooooo want to report your post.... its like being a little kid, trying not to press that button.... or touching that hot stove only once as a young child....

Re: Forum Moderation

PostPosted: 2015.03.29 05:00
by Praetoris Domitian
Dammit Azmo, I thought my campaign had finally moved you to a decision.


Re: Forum Moderation

PostPosted: 2015.03.31 09:17
by unstable unit
Please remember that the forum rules also apply to memes/gifs etc contained within posts.