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NickUK Hakaari



Post 2018.07.30 12:31

New Player


Was sent over here from 'TEST' as suggestion of a corporation to join, I filled out the player application on Friday to the best of my ability, however I've yet to see any update on my profile.

Also, I'm not sure if it's a bug but I'm unable to link my character to my profile. I can see my Players 'selfie' but when I authorize my character it still shows as 'None'

Joined Mumble on Saturday evening and couldn't really move anywhere for obvious reasons but was unable to speak with anyone there.


Turlough Dominian


Director of Special Projects
Director of Special Projects

Post 2018.08.01 09:48

Re: New Player

hi buddie,

I pulled up your application you should have a ingame letter saying to join the queue since 2018-07-31 15:23:50
but just encase it was lost in transit ill log in sand send you another so you have the links + reading material.

ye the adding of characters is fine and normal it will continue to say none till you link a character other than the one your applying with this is to allow applicants to link there alt's to speed up things.

as for mumble should be able to talk in the few limited channels available to you, my guess some setting your end is preventing it. comm check area at the top of the channel lsit allows you to talk with yourself so u can fidle about with it.

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