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PostPosted: 2006.10.21 16:11
by Firane
Forgot to mention, after hearing so much about the MC war its was great fun to have an oppurtunity to fly alongside them vs. IAC. Those guys are a class act, and extremely skilled also.

PostPosted: 2006.10.22 21:25
by Jaqueline
MC are quite good, that I can agree on. I had the oppurtunity to fly with them as well, as I was flying with KIA. During the contract, I managed to score 31 kills in total, 20 of which were during the first couple of days. No losses. :D

To think that only a few months ago, I was taking my first Eve Uni PvP classes with Romble and Silentbrick. :)

PostPosted: 2006.10.31 19:35
by ElGrumpo
I too joined ASCN about 3 months ago. Im in a little corp called CLS and we live in Feythabolis.

Just as I started to get my bankroll where I felt comfortable, the BOB war hit. We are loving the war but hating the lag. Saturday night was the first engagement that I have been in where after the lag sorted out I was still alive. Most times though modules don't activate and all you can do is watch as you go pop. Not much different from the MC Vs Big Blue war.

Glad to see the Uni still churning em out.

PostPosted: 2007.06.05 18:33
by Zaolen Ying


PostPosted: 2007.12.19 17:02
by Cheras Freyez'Den
For the past year, been in the corp Reawakened Technologies in the Electus Matari Alliance. We have a standing war with 2 other corps, PIE & VV. Been mainly soloing lvl4's between war target engagements. Looking presently at expanding my horizons -- fixin to become a minmatar empire pirate hunter...and maybe occasionally privateer/terrorist....hmmm..*smile*

PostPosted: 2007.12.20 03:11
by Devilish Ledoux
This thread! It lives!

I recently (a few months ago) formed my own corporation (Naughty People), member of the Guristas Associates alliance. We're currently looking for pirates/terrorist role-players.

PostPosted: 2007.12.20 10:55
by Korghull
Hey, looks like someone's still posting on this thread...

Well, I dunno if anyone here remembers me, but I sure remember the fun i had as a Unista.

I 've left almost several months ago, can't remember exactly (still totally absent minded).
Well, actually I'm still part of the family somehow, since I'm a Bruce now!

I joined The Dead Parrot Shoppe, I found a lot of friendly and smart people there, and I'm still flyin' side by side with TGrads.

Many hugs to all of you, Aca, BB, Zao, Kassie, tha Crazy Amarrian and to everyone I'm not mentioning just because the list will be too long.

Obviously, respectful and grateful salute to Morning Maniac, it goes without sayin Big Chief! :)

PostPosted: 2007.12.21 03:59
by Drahc
Well after the multiple wars and everything I've been through... I hooked back up with Manas and Ronan and just recently joined TGRAD.


PostPosted: 2007.12.21 17:40
by Dievas
Po(a)sting from Battlestars in Goonfleet here. I mostly shoot BoB.

PostPosted: 2007.12.27 06:28
by Skebet
When I left E Uni a few months ago I knew I wanted to get on the front lines of the biggest, baddest war in the game. Joining IAC / Umbra Congregatio and moving to Catch has certainly provided that. I showed up in Catch literally the same week we were losing 25S and FAT, then V2 and 5-N.

Having BoB come all the way to our front door in F4R, repelling them and now, with invaluable help from our wonderful allies like the Goons, retaking Catch, has been incredibly exciting.

See you in NOL

PostPosted: 2008.02.09 03:58
by Sumerio Rayej
Dark Shadow Runners - Lucky Shadow and I have teamed up with my brother to form a mining/mission running/production corp. We're fledgling, at this point, but we're starting to settle into our roles and it'll hopefully only be a few months until we're pumping out some good stuff (though it may take us 6+ months to get a POS set up so we can really get serious about research).

PostPosted: 2008.02.11 08:19
by Keeves
Dang son, might as well post on here.

Went back to my roots in low sec in my old corp with Zachara. Sexy Pirate Club has been doing good and is as i type setting up a POS (maybe a second) while getting a contract with another corp to provide them with materials. Things are looking good and having lots of fun.

PS. If the uni ever wants to teach members about low sec enviroment and/or moon mining, send them down my way.

PostPosted: 2008.02.11 10:51
by Gnicklas
I don't recall if I said my goodbyes or not - I left to pursue carebear aspirations in Hi-Sec space and have managed to anchor and unanchor a POS in 3 different regions, syphon all my isk into research&development and generally waste time while training Capital Construction ;)

PostPosted: 2008.04.15 12:53
by bootmanj
I joined dtent, then after we destroyed a 1000 man 0.0 alliance we merged with MDK:). Then MDK disbanded:(. Currently in Scream INC.

PostPosted: 2008.06.09 13:16
by Crotador
I left the Uni 6-7 months ago to join my RL brother in The Older Gamers, a small corp in R0ADKILL. I am now a corp officer with many responsibilities and my pvp skills have gained many levels...

We are currently defending our space from the Goonies. I thought, and was warned by many of you, that RK were the worst smack talkers in the game... I now know, after fighting goonies, how wrong we were.

Still have many fond memories of E-Uni (people falling asleep on fleet ops, Sabre A's diplomatic skills) and have considered coming back to share some of my knowledge at some point.

All in all... loving Eve and the start I got fromt he Uni.