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Where are you all now?

PostPosted: 2006.08.16 21:31
by Romble
I encourage any former Euni member to post what corp and/or alliance your in now and if you want a bit about how you are doing and like the corp. Feel free to add any info on your corp or location/history of it and timelines of your stay in Euni and the current corp.. It's just all of general interest to see where Euni influence has spread to the world of Eve.

PostPosted: 2006.08.16 22:09
by Devilish Ledoux
Freelance pirate. I make my home in Placid, but I have a wandering soul, and I could turn up anywhere.

And if you don't know what I've been doing with myself, you haven't been paying attention. :twisted:

PostPosted: 2006.08.17 15:55
by Rutger Torranus
I bum around lonetrek and the citadel mission whoring with Rutger.

Torrus is deep in 0.0, killin' people for space change and rattin'. Kinda of close to Devilish actually.

/me adds Devilish to buddylist in order to watch out for piwates. :O


PostPosted: 2006.08.17 17:19
by Drahc
Joined up with a corp in ASCN named Syncore [SNCO]

So far all I've done in it is migrate my three toons.

Here is where I am check it on the map:

System Name: 2-RSC7
Region: Feythabolis
Security: -0.84227
Sovereignty: Unknown
Local Pirates: Angel Cartel
No. Roid Belts: 3
No. Ice Feilds: 0
No. Stations: 1
Ore's: Arkonor, Bistot, Gneiss, Hedbergite, Hemorphite, Mercoxit, Omber, Pyroxeres, Scordite, Spodumain, Veldspar

2-RSC7 VI - Moon 2 - Manufacturing Outpost
Facilities: Clone, Repair, Factory, Lab
Refinery Lvl: 50%
Conquerable: Yes

I liquidated most of my assets (well most are on 3 month market) gave the bpc's I had to the corp, and am now just setting up jump clones, learning the area, checking the ASCN chanels and crap like that. They [SNCO] have a 30 day policy on new recruits.. so I will be busy getting to that goal.. took awhile to move down there.. damn 50+ jumps all through 0.0 space.. fun times! I'll check in and give updates.

PostPosted: 2006.08.17 18:05
by Maxwell Power
I joined SHIVA corp (, or more accurately, put this alt in it as well. SHIVA made up 100% of Morsus Mihi's PvP tournament team btw, and we're pretty pleased to have advanced to the round of 8, though the round of 4 would have been better of course. I've been in a corp with the same group of people ever since I started eve in late 2004, though we've been through several mergers since then. Currently fighting TCF in tribute with the rest of Morsus Mihi. Local the other day had 427 in it.

PostPosted: 2006.08.18 01:19
by Jaqueline
I've joined LIH where I've quickly risen in the ranks. My main was recently joined by my third character as I took over a toon from an LIH member that left Eve. We've recently moved into our new home and we're absolutely thriving. Beers on me - as soon as my faction loot sells. :)

My alt Jaqueline went to the dark sides of Eve though. She went ahead and joined a bunch of the nastiest scum in the galaxy, namely pirates. She's currently their "chest slave" and spends most of her time locked up in said chest, except when she sneaks out of it with uncanny skills. This, and that I'm an asian, has made my corp mates suspect that she is, in fact, a ninja pirate.

PostPosted: 2006.08.20 08:44
by M4sterm1nd
I'm prety close to Drahc actually! :)
I'm mining out of Greyskull in the PMV for Darkstar1, also ASCN.
Only drawback is that all my shit's still in Jita, lol.

WOW how things change

PostPosted: 2006.08.21 17:59
by Drahc
So after leaving the uni I went on to SNCO... well some shit hit the fan today and half the members left.. most of them directors and such. I said well screw this I'm not sitting around waiting for this to go down. I jumped ship and now and part of CORM.. still in ASCN though... just different corp and home station is two jumps away and is a refining station.. phew what a day!

PostPosted: 2006.08.31 13:44
by Omber Zombie
I shot president fioritan and became the supreme dictator of the gallente federation....

and after waking up:

After leaving E-Uni to go and hide in the background somewhere, I am now a Director of Frontier Technologies (FTEK) who according to EON magazine is the #1 production corp in eve and the #2 mining corp in eve. I have recently been put in charge of our T2 Production division and 2ic of the Capital Construction Division. Generally I spend most days sitting in a station talking to people and putting things in the oven as well as writing insane spreadsheets and coming up with insane ideas like:

Me: "Hey, why don't we offer a service to people to set up POS Networks and build utposts for them?"

Da Boss: "You never set up POS did you?"

Me: "No, why? looks fun :)"

Da Boss: "Here, you can be incharge of our POS network. Go set up X,Y, Z"

3 days later...

Me: "OMFG this is boring, someone shoot me"

PostPosted: 2006.09.01 01:29
by Sarthu
I bought a 24m SP char and joined M.Corp [LV] to get my PVP on, I never realized you could actually make so much money in small roving pvp gangs. Been getting most of my kills up north in Tribute and Venal (Hi Max!).

I look forward to running over Red Alliance with a large yellow bus when POS warfare gets changed shortly.

Prolly will sell Pablo (screw mining!) sooner or later and pick up a carrier/dread pilot for the other account.

If you fly mini ships and are looking for good fits for your ships,

Jaq: I've been trying to get Zazi and a few other guys from my regular gang to come over your way on a field trip. Hopefully I can come say "hi" with some autocannons real soon :)

Board Admin: I can still see a couple forums that I prolly shouldn't be able to. Don't worry tho, your plans to take over BoB are safe with me!

- Pablo Free (not Sarthu anymore, I sold him)
- Fata Mea

PostPosted: 2006.09.01 15:22
by Blaiyne
Well, I set up my own corp (Shadow Play) and moved into empire for a rest after the drama of the last few months.

Currently it's made up of my own alts, some of whom are experimenting with Science and Industry, and BLAIYNE who has gone back to mission whoring.

Getting kinda bored now, and I'm starting to miss the fleet ops and the general exitement of low sec, so I may sneak back into 0.0 (I kinda like being self sufficient in 0.0). I may also open my corp doors to the general public just to see what happens.

PostPosted: 2006.09.02 08:07
by Jaqueline
@Sarthu: I'll be happy to see you around. I heard there was a 40-man LV gang in our area yesterday. I was running down the pipe and ended up in the regional defense gang, but LV unfortunately ran away too fast for us to catch them. We did get to pay AAA a visit though. :)

PostPosted: 2006.10.16 15:13
by Tendril
Just came back here and saw this forum ;-)

I'm with Goonfleet at the moment doing well down in Insmother with our new allies the Red Alliance.

Just need to push LV and get a few stations of our own!

Loving the PvP, I'm basically getting at least a kill/death per day and making fair ISK through Araknor mining and 3 x 1.8m Angel rat spawns when I'm lucky enough to chain one.

PostPosted: 2006.10.19 02:42
by Firane
Currently in FIX atm, but I'm about to take a leave of absence to do some pirating. All the hostiles in Querious and Catch are stab whores/logoffski lamers. LIH can probably attest to that, alot of them have been living here in Q with us.


PostPosted: 2006.10.19 23:39
by Zudari
Jaqueline wrote:She went ahead and joined a bunch of the nastiest scum in the galaxy,

thats me!!!!

i went ahead and joined Exin alliance with cadela and hughy and all we hang around genesis and kill stuff although i dont wanna become an outlaw so im a pit of an anti pirate atm :(

our latest achievement