Looking for a tool that allows me to search the map using specific criteria

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Looking for a tool that allows me to search the map using specific criteria

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Q: Is there a tool that allows me to search the map using specific criteria?
E.g. "Give me all systems that are a maximum of 10 jumps from Jita and have a minimum of 4 asteroid belts?".

I may have just misunderstood the major maps.

These were my first impressions, and I would appreciate very much any of your comments:

In-game map:
Pro: Will not provide incorrect data (I assume).
- I only see a very limited number of jump connections between systems when the map opens.
- Beyond 2 or 3 jump distance, so many lines overlap that it takes time to figure out what is connected to what (even in the Abstract display).
- I have to go manually through each system's Show Info to find out how many asteroid belts it has.

Pro: Can show me the number of asteroid belts a system has in a list sorted by constellation.
- The map that shows connections is organized by regions. So, I have to keep several tabs open even for short travels (5-10 jumps). ***
- I still need to check each system manually on the lists to see if it fits my criteria.

EVE Eye:
- I can actually see, when zoomed in, which systems connect to which. Restricted to maybe 5 jumps — when I zoom farther out, the lines between connected systems get too narrow to be visible. At least on my screen, with my eyes.
- I can see the data of each system by clicking once on it. No search needed, no additional browser tabs needed. Restricted to show the data of only one system at a time, though.
- I can display two criteria blocks which I am searching for at the same time (on my screen), like Eye's Celestial data block and the PI data block.
- I still need to check each system manually by clicking on it to see if it fits my criteria.

My question is:
Is there any map or database that would allow me to generate a list like this? Without writing my own software?

Search criteria — this is just an example; it may not make sense:
ReferenceSystem: Jita
AND MaxJumpsFromSystem < 10
AND NumberOfBelts >= 4
AND SystemSecurity = 5


Code: Select all

System       JumpsFromSystem     NumberOfBelts

Waira        6                   5
Uotila       7                   4
etc ... (more results showing)

Thank you for reading, thank you even more for providing opinions, ideas, or tips.

*** I cannot believe I said that 5-10 jumps are a short trip. When I started a few weeks ago, I considered having to jump four times for a mission as annoying. (Note to self: Talk with therapist about recent perception shifts.)
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