Post 2019.10.20 02:45

Uni maps

This is all in my opinion I don’t mean to sound rude at all please read with the mindset of not blaming but consuren.

I am just a small guy like most of the people reading this but WHC but it affects all campuses in some way yeah i'm talking about the mapper. We all have access to it and the WHC lives off it. I know as a little guy or gal you may not use the mapper much if at all. From what I understand we can’t move on to better mappers for the reasons of other mappers are not as secure. To that i say we are right to think that but a bad mapper is still insecure in the way of a secure line has one or two fail safes. I have not heard of our other lines so what happens when we lose or mapper (never say never) I see a few things happening our srp will sky rocket do to the WHC living off the mapper. Less quick response force from WHC to the other campuses and trust me we would probably come because we love a good fight and that helps our comrades get on with their fun stuff.

The other reason I hear is its not broken way change it. The WHC says it is broken or at least buggy try changing a name or sig and it not changing for a few clicks. In wormhole we have about a min to get all of our stuff in the mapper or we could be in trouble. We are all one corp we are on the same team help us help the rest of the uni. we love to fight and as a corp have war targets in k space WHC wants to kill them win win