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PostPosted: 2019.05.09 00:16
by chad Jovakko
Hey I just started eve the other day. I have been reading up for 3 days and watching videos while waiting to get into eve uni. So I am more of a throw rl money to video games and I want to skill my character right and not make mistakes as I read pple do. I want to ultimately end up flying bigger stuff like carriers and drednauts down the road but I also need to getinto something that I can fly now and earn money. just not sure what to go into missile or turret guns and what faction ships. I want to stay in eve university for 6 months ish and learn the basics of player v player and player v environment then move on only because I want to be apart of the big wars that I see on you tube and I read that eve unit doesn't do all that stuff? is that right? just looking for advice on training my character and where my path should be. just need advice and just someone to give me guidance .

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PostPosted: 2019.05.09 01:54
by Falus Templar
Hey Chad -

Learn everything you can while you are with us in the UNI in those 6 months. Get your basics down, fleet up on some of the events, take a few classes, and most of all - get in the chat and/or on the mumble and just ask your questions and share experiences.

You may discover that 6 months may not be enough time to acquire all the skills you want to participate effectively in those big battles. However, after 6 months, you'll probably know what you like to do most in the game. Follow your instincts and your own path to success.

Fly safe! o7

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PostPosted: 2019.05.09 10:16
by Shauny Tsero
Like Falus said get the basics, so look at the BLAP stuff, it will take a long time to get to capital ships so be patient and try a bit of everything. Once you're in you'll get to see when we go out on a roam and have some PVP and there are always PVE stuff going on so get BLAP done and build up your income and you'll be well on your way.

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PostPosted: 2019.05.09 11:56
by Falling Snow KumaMoto
Like they said, get your feet very wet in the early days. Skill points are precious, often making a strong difference in pvp engagements or in the completion time (or success/fail) of pve efforts. However, the vast majority of pvp and pve activities in this game can be experienced with very low skill points. I suggest you take a content tour of the game for some time while you train the basic skills. After a short time you will know your favorite part(s) of the game and can focus your real-world money appropriately.

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PostPosted: 2019.05.09 22:14
by chad Jovakko
Ok! I loaded the skill plan for logistics. I think I would like that a lot. Im going to train into logistics and some kind of mining I think not sure which mining ship for isk making yet but do that and then get into as many fleets as I can flying logistics ships while my skills get better I think. does that sound ok?

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PostPosted: 2019.05.10 06:17
by Durnik Risalo
Some of this has already been said before, but...

I would recommend picking a campus. HSC is the generally recommended campus for new people to Eve and the Uni. It is pretty centrally located so you can sample other campus/space (e.g. Low Sec & Null Sec). Its pretty active (more so/less so depending on your playtime). You always have the option to join multiple campuses also -- and feel free to just join/participate in all events regardless of the event-holding campus. After you get an idea what and where you want your Eve life to be, then you can certainly move to different campuses.

And most important... get into mumble. Its always better if you talk, but listening is invaluable -- for PvP fleets being able to listen on mumble is mandatory. There are all kinds of discussions and learning opportunities in mumble channels. Unfortunately, a lot of people are slow to join and when they do, they smack themselves in the head for not joining mumble sooner.

As for training, I would definitely work on the Magic 14 and sprinkle BLAP skills into the queue. Some people work M14 to completion first and then work BLAP. Although, I would recommend getting all those skills (M14 and BLAP) to Level 1, then Level 2, then Level 3. After you have L3 skills, then pick up additional skills as you need/want. Ultimately, you'll want L4 & L5 skills as a "normal" skillset.

Also, logistics is always good to have. And sometimes it's difficult to get enough in fleet -- so you will certainly be welcomed to most fleets. But, there are times when we don't run with logistics in E-Uni (although its fairly rare). I would recommend against only having logistics skills and no combat skills -- combat skills will come in handy at times (which is why I recommended above to get M14 & BLAP skills to L3 at minimum). Anyway, if I'm not mistaken, most follow-on Corps would expect basic combat skills. Basically, if you want, you can certainly focus on logistics while getting basic combat skills.