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Unable to log into Eve... :T

PostPosted: 2018.08.04 07:03
by Exxiin Salviej
I've been searching all over the internet in order to solve my problem, but I seriously cannot find any answers anywhere other than a Eve Forum topic discussion two years ago. Case in point, whenever I try to log into Eve, I keep getting this error message that says that Eve cannot write a file to disk, and for some reason, the launcher keeps getting looped up in a stalled update. I ran loglite, and it says that the server is having issues performing an update for my launcher. I've uninstalled, and reinstalled, and fixed the problem for ONE login into Eve. Everything worked great, but the instant I logged back out, and tried to log in again, the problem reappeared.

I seriously need some help on this... Because, if I can't log into Eve, then I'm not sure how I'll be able to continue to stay in Eve University. Especially considering I have a close friend who I play this game with.

So, if anyone has any suggestions, or help, that'd be greatly appreciated. I even tried to send in a help ticket to CCP, and the instant I tried, it erased my ticket, and told me to try again later...

Re: Unable to log into Eve... :T

PostPosted: 2018.08.07 23:59
by Durnik Risalo
I've never heard of this, but I know there is an option to "fix file permissions" on the Cache files/folders. It might be worth running that from the Launcher -> Shared Cache dialog.

Hope you figure it out.

Re: Unable to log into Eve... :T

PostPosted: 2018.08.08 00:19
by Turlough Dominian
i get the same thing sometimes.

for me it happens if i try to log in too fast, then i have to close it all down again and try again