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Re: Death is a hard thing to deal with

PostPosted: 2018.08.15 08:31
by Seamus Donohue
Thank you all. I appreciate it.

I'm still processing this, of course. I think that's going to take some time.

Re: Death is a hard thing to deal with

PostPosted: 2018.11.08 18:01
by Eir Geiravor
I just saw this today, I wanted to pass my most sincere condolences, having lost both of my parents I can tell you that you will never "get over it" but you will learn to live with it. It will take time, sometimes talking about everything but it helps, please look me up in mumble if you ever just need an ear.


Re: Death is a hard thing to deal with

PostPosted: 2018.12.23 19:12
by Seamus Donohue
Okay, so, as it turns out, the "several months" estimate was the most accurate. I'm slowly starting to get back into teaching classes.

With the long-overdue WarDec changes, I might even slowly start getting back into actually playing, for a change. :P

Re: Death is a hard thing to deal with

PostPosted: 2018.12.23 22:25
by Adree Jericho
We're glad to have you back among us. You're a tremendous resource and a great guy to have around! Best wishes and welcome back!

Re: Death is a hard thing to deal with

PostPosted: 2019.03.28 00:21
by miness2003 mines2003
it def is

An explanation of my extended absence.

PostPosted: 2019.12.18 07:54
by Seamus Donohue
Just to let everyone know why I've been noticeably absent since September 2019....

I had some shake-ups in my life, again, hitting all at once.

1) My Dad was diagnosed with leukemia. Doctors caught it in the early stages, so he's got that going for him.
2) My church choir of 10+ years (I've lost count) disbanded because the choirmaster, the one person who taught me most about singing, retired.
3) I had to change therapists because of (what's essentially) a schedule shake-up. (A little inaccuracy saves a ton of explanation.) Neither my old therapist nor I were happy about that. At least I got a new therapist within a week, though, and we're building a rapport together.

Basically, I've retreated into a psychological shell more than usual, with a very strong subconscious current of "I don't wanna deal with any of this".

It does not help matters that the new Macintosh version of EVE Online no longer recognizes Alt/Option as being the Alt key, and instead treats Command as the Alt key, which causes keyboard shortcut conflicts with Mac OSX. Anyway, I need to start looking into a good Windows 10 video recording program before I get back into videomaking. My Elite: Dangerous videos just use the Windows built-in Game Bar recording software, but I get the feeling that that's not going to be good enough if I want to get serious about videomaking again.

I'll also start teaching classes again... at some point. Don't worry, I'm not leaving EVE University. You can't get rid of me permanently. :P

Re: Death is a hard thing to deal with

PostPosted: 2019.12.18 11:27
by Ky Hanomaa
I wasn't aware of what you went through until I discovered this thread today - let me express my utmost condolences and wish you the very best on your path in- and outside the game. I'm sure I speak for all of us in saying that we appreciate you and all your efforts for the Uni and the game as a whole and will support you in any way we can.

Take your time - don't feel like you're forced to play the game when there's "real" things you should very likely be focusing on. No-one is going to tell you the game is more important than your well-being.

Come back when you feel the time is right and know that each and every one of us will welcome you with open arms!

Re: Death is a hard thing to deal with

PostPosted: 2019.12.20 03:26
by Gergoran Moussou
I had known that you were having some real-life difficulties based on your previous statements, but I definitely was unaware of the extent. I hope you manage to get yourself resituated soon because your Q&A sessions are definitely one of the best things that E-Uni has to offer.