Post 2018.03.27 19:21

Neon Knights


Let me introduce myself, i am Nemanja Biga, a brand new member, I am here today to talk about knights,


Thats right, knights, as in the medieval kind,
Im a member of the White Eagle order here in Belgrade and we do medieval re-enactment, bohurt, archery and so on,
but enough about that, I have an idea,
I wish to create a group of highly trained, well armoured and deadly squadron of Space Knights
Ladies and gentlemen...
I present to you..


The idea is a group of small ships, Frigates or Destroyers, armor tank and close range,
we charge into battle and break up the enemy,

now ofcourse i must say i am a complete noob still, but am learning and will hopefully be a productive member of this corp,
so it will take time to make my idea a reality,

so tell me what you think?
like the idea? think it sucks?

here are some more pics of knights because why not

And of course