Hey folks - New-ish player introduction

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Hey folks - New-ish player introduction

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Hey folks - dropping by to say hello while also putting an application in via the E-Uni's auth platform.

I played EVE a bit many years ago as it piqued my interest following the press coverage of B-R5RB. I flew trash t1 fits in both Brave and later a lowsec pirate outfit that some IRL friends had joined. But I didn't do a great job of learning the game to begin with, and my gaming interests at the time were more in the FPS genre anyway; frustration set in and EVE simply didn't stick as a result.
Now as my time and interests have shifted I've decided to give EVE another shot on a new character for the sake of having a clean slate. I've finished the introduction and career agents, and am ticking off AIR Career milestones now as a way to get basic competence and comfort with the game established. I intend to apply for freshman status in a month once I meet the full criteria.

Away from the keyboard I work in cybersecurity, live in Chicago, and run to justify my beer intake.
Hope to start crossing paths with some of you in Mumble or Discord. Cheers folks.
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