HM Bellicoses 2/29

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HM Bellicoses 2/29

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Roam members (10)
Drebin 679 - Bellicose
Esjay Kuovo - Bellicose
Hijudizi Yonkido - Cyclone
Klaxis Archimedes - Bellicose
Nivek Rensir - Bellicose
Tyrius Odinsson - Caracal
Xyrin Bacard - Stiletto, Bellicose
YooJin Moon - Bellicose
Yto Itinen - Scythe, Bellicose
Z0X Ambrye - Stiletto
Kills and Losses

(23:41:20) FD-MLJ, PF-346

This was the first fleet where I tried dual boxing, it worked wonderfully. I started with a Cyclone+Stiletto combo, Cyclone for bursts/anchor and Stiletto for backup tackle/scout.

We found a DNI killing a Caracal in FD-, so I sent my Stiletto to tackle it while warping the fleet in. It tried to burn off but me and Z0X kept it perma pointed thru orbiting at range while the Bellicoses slowly chased it down with the help of rapid deployment from the Cyclone.

Drake Navy Issue +371.75m

We jumped into PF- and tried to fight a few battleships+Loki. Initially, the Loki was on the gate presumably deagressed. I tried to boosh it off but failed to boosh any of us along with it, so it just warped off. Unfortunately our only Scythe got caught early by the Battleships so we had no logi for the entire fight. We came close to breaking the Typhoon so I burned our fleet closer to the battleships to get tackle. This turned out to be a mistake as they were able to tackle us back and we lost some Bellicoses and the Cyclone before scattering. Meanwhile, our anti-tackle Caracal was able to burst down a Slicer before it had the chance to warp off.

Capsule +0.01m
Scythe -22.7m
Imperial Navy Slicer +30.73m
Caracal -30.11m
Bellicose -27.51m
Bellicose -28.83m
Cyclone -68.62m
Capsule -0.01m
Bellicose -21.9m

(00:53:52) DL1C-E

Reshipped again with no logi this time and me in a Bifrost+Bellicose.

Found an Nomen sitting 100km off a gate and Z0X was able to point it. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to hold tackle for very long and it warped off.

Found an ESS anchored on a Haven. It only had 70k in it and we lost one Bellicose to rats due to not having logi.

Bellicose -40.29m

(01:09:27) PNDN-V

Found a small gang bubble camping a gate, we killed an Ashimmu trying to brawl us before aligning out and warping off. The anti-tackle Caracal continues to do work and bursts down a Stiletto

Ashimmu +121.11m
Bellicose -40m
Stiletto +44.24m

(01:18:35) PNDN-V

We stayed at a safe and allowed them to slowly combat probe us down, hoping to align out and kill things as they burned in. This kinda worked as we were successful in preventing the enemy from coming with 60km of us. However, I saw that Z0X was in a position to tackle an isolated Sabre so I had the entire fleet burn towards it. Unfortunately, Z0X wasn't able to hold scram as long as I would've liked and it took us a good two minutes as well as capping out the entire fleet to finally kill it.

Caracal -33.73m
Bellicose -27.3m
Bellicose -23.93m
Bellicose -29.8m
Bellicose -87.32m
Sabre +93.91m
Bellicose -28.32m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 661,746,516.54
ISK Lost: 510,375,151.65
ISK Delta: 151,371,364.89
Efficiency: 56.457%

Overall evaluation
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    (Negative stuff)
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Re: HM Bellicoses 2/29

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This was my first PVP fleet and I had such a great time, thanks again for hosting this.