[AAR] Staged Fight with Sons of Bane

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[AAR] Staged Fight with Sons of Bane

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Roam members (10)
Archemide - Vexor
Drebin 679 - Exequror
Kopa Erquilenne - Vexor, Brutix
Leto theII Atreides - Exequror
Nivek Rensir - Vexor
Private Martin - Kitsune
Segdae Aldurald - Vexor
Xyrin Bacard
YooJin Moon - Kitsune
jammer Atruin - Vexor
Kills and Losses

(03:39:10) X-PYH5
Scythe +27.51m
Moa +35.04m
Scythe +20.55m
Blackbird +20.81m
Moa +34.14m

To start the fight, we met up in X-P and arranged to meet at the sun. This gave us an advantage, since we were first on grid. We're adjusting how we start the engagement to avoid this in the future. Our dps was pretty much at 0, while our logi and ECM burned off. They came in at 100, warped off, then came back at roughly 20km from us. First their dps landed, and their logi later.

Our first primary was a moa, since that was the only real option on grid. They managed to hold reps on him (unsurprising with the moa's resist bonus), so after ~20 or 30 seconds, I had everyone put their drones on one of the logi, while keeping guns on the moa. Between jams, the lower tank of the scythe, less ships able to rep it, and logi splitting reps, we managed to pop the scythe pretty easily. Our first moa popped pretty quickly after that, since I suspect most of the enemy reps panic swapped to the scythe, unsuccessfully.

After the initial two kills, and our dps being spread throughout each other, it looks like the enemy dps tried to gather up about 20km off of us. However, this left us between them and their remaining 2 logi. I think one of their moas tried to burn for an exeq, unsuccessfully. We, in turn, burned towards their logi, since it was even closer than their dps. It probably would've been better to burn for their dps, in hindsight. It would prevent them from trying to go after our logi, and we would easily be able to outdps their reps at this point. Also, a fleet with logi still alive is more likely to stay on grid longer.

But instead, we burned in towards one of their scythes. On our way in, our drones managed to pop another logi. I put our next drone target as the enemy blackbird, and he too died. However, after this, our dps became extremely spread out due to enemy webs.We had three dps on their logi and the rest spread throughout their dps. In hindsight, I probably should've had the three on the logi stay and continue to pop logi, but instead I called for general dps on one of their moas that was tackled, while leaving drones on a scythe. Our lack of tackle on the scythe allowed it to warp out. The rest of their fleet quickly followed suit, resulting in a win for us. I didn't broadcast much during this fight, something I need to get back in the habit of doing.

Everyone performed admirably during this fight. Logi kept everyone alive, kitsunes made their lives difficult with jams, and dps did a great job of splitting dps between drones and guns. Something I didn't know before the fight was that the enemy FC was, quite literally, a first time FC who was also responsible for designing their fits. Congrats to him on his first fleet, and thanks to Bane for bringing a good fight. In the future, I'll be looking for newer FCs to run our side of the show, so it's a more equal fight. I'm looking for Lt. FCs in FCC, so PM me if you're interested.

And had the fleet ended there, it would be op success. But there's obviously more to this AAR.

(03:45:49) X-PYH5, PC9-AY
Kitsune -55.86m
Vexor -34.31m
Vexor -41.1m
Kitsune -41.9m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant -0.01m
Exequror -33.86m
Exequror -33.86m
Vexor -34.6m
Vexor -37.01m
Moa +37.45m
Brutix -85.57m
Vexor -35.37m

When we warped back to PC9 gate, we found IRED waiting for us. Bane said they were supposed to leave us alone, so we held fire and jumped. However, a few people didn't jump in time and were booshed by IRED. We didn't have a primary 2IC ready, since we had a no headshotting rule, and I was in PC9, so I didn't realize this until people were dying. I had fleet crash gate to try to save them, but it was too late. So we crashed back to PC9 and jumped. I ordered the fleet to warp back to station and dock up.

Somehow, despite combat timers, someone got caught on the gate. I ordered the fleet to undock and warp back to save him. Bane warped off just as we landed. I aligned us back to home station, and then fleet warped us. I should've used a instadock instead of direct to the station, but I didn't. So half of the fleet docked up promptly. The other half got booshed again. Once again, with half of the fleet docked, and some of the rest trying to bounce, we didn't save anyone. I called off everyone else since we were just trickling in 1 by 1 at this point.

ISK Destroyed: 175,501,670.36
ISK Lost: 433,447,376.76
ISK Delta: -257,945,706.4
Efficiency: 28.82%