taylor moon vs e-uni vs hullpen in tama at some random novic

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taylor moon vs e-uni vs hullpen in tama at some random novic

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me - loki
Kills and Losses

(early in the morning sometime) tama
merlin +17m
harpy +49m (though to be fair that was mostly hullpen)

ISK Destroyed: 56m
ISK Delta: see isk destroyed
Efficiency: perpetual motion

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    i killed someone, i like doing that
    didnt die
    remembered i had webs
    remembered to take drugs - now THAT's a big one, i always forget that

    (Negative stuff)
so i see some action going down at the novice so i warp there within 50. there was a harpy there fighting hullpen so i decide to try and get it, but you guys had a lot of logi so that didnt work. then i started shooting a random merlin instead, two shotted him no problem

after that the hullpen machariel decided that e-uni are too leet for them to take on and decided to try his luck with me. i thought i was well outside point range but it turns out, people who fly expensive pirate battleships also like to fit blingy mods to them sometimes - who would have thought!

i align out in the opposite direction and mwd on, but it's not enough, this guy's faster than me! probably snaked as well, and he's perforating me with 800mm autocannons. hm, didn't i think of this when fitting this ship? it wouldnt be very smart of me to fit a kiting cruiser that gets outrun by a machariel, would it... ah yes, the two webs with their big bonus subsystem. i put those on him and he slows right down, im getting away!

uh-oh, the capacitor is making that noise again. why are you so low, i havent even used my point! oh, machariels have a utility high dont they, and this one happens to have a heavy neut in it. crap... sure enough, off goes the mwd. that's nice.

i pre-heat the mwd and spam that button as fast as i can. my large ASB is out of charges now, it's just my armour and structure buffer, fading fast... i'm not really sure what happened next. maybe i got an mwd cycle off with my spamming, maybe i just coasted out of range or maybe he ran out of heat on his point, but i saw the point icon disappear from that place where it is and am delighted! i warp off to my celestial and cloak up. safe and sound

improved blue pill undoubtedly saved my ship. remember kids, always take your drugs!
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Vorkan Dosja
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Re: taylor moon vs e-uni vs hullpen in tama at some random novic

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I thought that was you I saw in the Loki. Didn't realize you weren't in E-Uni. Do you have an alt in it?
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