[AAR] LSC Fight Club 02-23-2020

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[AAR] LSC Fight Club 02-23-2020

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The LSC Fight Clubs have had consistent but small turn outs. This week (4) brave souls came in from the cold of space to test their mettle against each other and the odds.

This weeks warriors are:
Cavalorn Dravencourt - Merlin (2 wins)
Sophia Ligeti - Incursus, Tormentor (1 Loss, 2 Draws)
Milspecc - Merlin, Punisher (1 Loss; 2 Draws)
Yun Jingyi - Incursus, Punisher (1 Win, 1 Loss)
Post bracketed combat rounds we engaged in a final FFA. Cavalorn was called away for RL and was unable to join us for this part but the remaining pilots fought and died well.

Overall these were very evenly matched fights with none of them leading to an absolute mauling. Pilots showed good use of manual piloting; drones, and reppers (once reminded). Overheating was also used to good effect but a couple of pilots did experience burning out guns in the process.

Thanks for coming all. I hope it was a good experience for the participants.